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It has been a little over a month now since USARS Indoor National Championships, this article has been in the works while it was going on but, due to the enthusiastic nature of many team members there has been no time to finish it up. We have had as many as 18 people skating a Tuesday practice in the middle of August; this is not the norm, even when our team had over 40 or so competitive athletes.


I guess at this point since most of what had happened at Nationals was streamed upon many PC’s and Lap tops throughout the United States and the World it was almost like being there. There really is not much I can write about that most who are involved with the sport do not already know, see or can see on the internet. To my surprise my phone was bombarded with congrats and cheers after my first final via text messaging from people from all over the United States. ((Lindsay Magnus I am still waiting to see you at practice so I can set you up with a training schedule <smiles>  ))

I believe for our sport this was a great way for USARS to get what we all know is a great sport into the eyes of not only this country but the World. It is just too bad that some from the upper ranks of USARS do not see it as such. Let us just say I have big EARS and hopefully those involved with our sport that made this all possible will keep it going.

So before I go much further I will let you see a bit of what had transpired between the dates of July 13th though the 19th 2008. As usual there was much excitement and great racing going on in all division. Some upset, tears, fears, GUTTTTTT checks, lots of that, and much nervousness that makes for a great competition. Makayla O’Neil and Zac Jones though not the fastest team for their two mix event, were the smallest racers in this event, they did race to the best of their ability and I expect in a few years will be doing much the same but finishing on the podium. Check out their final here


Ok I see that many of the links that I had looked up before departing for Worlds have vanished and or changed so the only thing that I can tell you to do is go to YOU-TUBE and just type in Inline Speed Skating Nationals USA or something like that and you should be able to find races. If you are looking for a specific person or event just type that into the search area it worked for me for some of the races I skated.

Again all in all the Wolverines showed that they had worked hard to come home with something more than what they went to Nationals with. For some that would be personal best, making it to finals, winning, placing and or showing in events with much success. We were a small team but those numbers did not falter the fact that we were loud in spirit and support for each other. We excelled in competing against the best from all over this country bringing home several overall placements and a two overall wins. We even showed spirit and support for the competition from within our region, holding true to the term sportsmanship at every level.

As a coach and competitor this 2008 National Championship was tough all the way around in every aspect possible. Having a team such as this one that cheered, competed, supported, endured, a team that was filled with nervousness, and tears. Many of you who have been around had to move on from something that was the norm, it was not easy but you endured, you persevered and came out on top. (You helped me come out on top too) For you newbie’s you kept everything in perspective for all of us, you kept it fun even with all your nervousness and raw energy.

For those who competed and supported and helped keep thing in perspective; Abbey, Makayla, Megan, Zac, Sara, Nolan, Jon-Michael, Gianna, Jenny, BJ, Kisty-“Krispy-Krustie” J, Keagan, David, Will, Joe,  Charlie, Amy –Bob-“Reasssies” & TWINS, Chris & Marsha, Darian, Mandy & Jeremy, Wade, Eva, Pam & Lee, Suzie, Mike, Ryan, Chris Prager & Family, Dillian and all those who could not be there but were there in thoughts, hopes and prayers. I am proud and thankful for each and every person, athletes, parents and supporters who watched at home every day and night.

All of you should be proud for You have helped keep, through you, THAT WOLVERINE  TRADITION ALIVE.

Again Thank You
James N Ingram III
AKA Jay         Coach Jay J