3/31-NEW-Results from the WALT DISNEY WORLD INLINE MARATHON held Sun. Mar. 30. Results and pictures at racereports.net. Results and pictures at patincarrera.com. Complete results at DISNEY. Congratulations to the following Wolverines. Fitness/Rec. Half Marathon: Jeff Reuter, Christine Morrison, Corky Zaron, Lisa Symonds. Fitness/Rec. Marathon: Lorraine Colasanti, Mallory Younger, Carolyn Hall,  Advanced Marathon: Paul Lomangino, Traci Morrison, Walter Johnson, Billy Snyder. Pro Women: Jessica Smith, Theresa Cliff, Kelly Gunther, Heidi Miller, Pro Men: Barry Drenkhahn.
3/30-NEW-The Wolverine Wheels have done it again!  All skaters placed in their divisions today at the April 30th MRSO City League Meet at Skateland, in Mt. Morris, MI.  Today's Meet brought out another beginner team from Saginaw, MI!  (Seems like they're "on a roll" with this program, which lets "beginners" race at EXACTLY that level...."beginner.") It was announced today that the next and final MRSO City League Meet will be Sunday, April 27th, at the Roll Arena, in Midland, MI.  Rounding out the series will be the MRSO "State Championships" on May 18th, also in Midland MI, at the Roll Arena.  So, keep up the good work, skaters!
3/25-NEW-Theresa Cliff has added her insights to our Speed Tips and Tricks page.
3/25-NEW-The Wolverines will be 20 strong at the INAUGURAL WALT DISNEY WORLD INLINE MARATHON this weekend. Check back here for reports and pictures.
3/25-NEW-racereports.net has an article on the future of inline racing.
3/24-The 2003 NIRA National Championships took place in Houston Texas this last weekend. Representing the Wolverines was Heidi Miller taking the overall Senior Ladies title and Darian O'Neil winning Primary Girls. Results at racereports.net
3/23-Sat. Mar 29, Practice at Skatin' Station II or Outdoors. Rob will announce.
3/22-The date of the next MRSO Beginners City League Speed Competition has been changed to Sunday, Mar 30 instead of Apr 6. Anyone wishing to go must notify Pam Coletta by the Sunday Mar 24 practice. See Pam or email her at her new email address pamelaann711@hotmail.com
3/20-The Skatin' Station II (with fresh ROLL-ON) has opened their doors to the Wolverines!  Robb is organizing a practice for Saturday, March 22nd from 8:00AM - 10:00AM and would like to know how many folks can attend. He expects the cost for the practice to be around $5.00.  Skatin' Station II 8611 Ronda Dr, Canton, MI            Phone: 734-459-6400 Here is their map.
3/19-Jessica Smith won the Senior Ladies Title at the St Patrick's Day Inline Invitational held in GA at the Roswell Roller Rink last weekend. Race description at racereports.net.
3/19-Interclub Meet in Waterford on April 13. You need to let Robb know if you will be attending by this Sunday's practice (3/23). Money will be due by Tuesday's practice (3/25).
3/17-The blue wheels are in. Pick up (and pay for) them asap!
3/16-News from the USARS Board of Directors Meeting Feb. 2003. Theresa Cliff and Chad Hedrick were presented dual Speed Skater of the Year Awards in recognition of their achievements during the World Championships of 2002. USARS will submit the Relay Team of Theresa Cliff, Jessica Smith, and Ashley Horgan as the USOC Roller Sports Athletes of the Year in Speed Skating. USARS will also submit Robb Dunn as the USOC Elite Coach of the Year for Roller Sports. More news at USARS,
3/10-Race results from the Windy City Race held March 9 in Crystal Lake, IL. Results from Team WisconsinResults from Racereports.com
3/10-First pictures from the Windy City Race Series, March 9 at Crystal Lake, IL.
3/3-Pam Coletta reports on the latest MRSO meet for just-starting speed skaters. The next on is April 6 in Mt. Morris, MI.
3/3-Last chance to get in the Inaugural WALT DISNEY WORLD Inline Marathon on Mar. 30. The course capacity is 1,500. Once they have reached 1,500 participants registration will be closed. As of 3/1, they have 1,300 registered participants. Information here.
The Southern Michigan Adventure Club along with Salomon North America, Stayinline and Roll-In-The-Silverdome are proud to present the in-line skate clinic at the Pontiac Silverdome, Sunday, March 2.  Information here.
2/26-The third race in the MRSO (Michigan Roller Skating Organization) 2003 Race Series is this Sunday, March 2nd.  If you are racing and haven't been entered yet, please call Pam Coletta @ 810-364-5145 home/office # (leave msg. if necessary) or cell phone # 810-980-6241 or Email pamwlvrn@yahoo.com Entry form is due Friday afternoon, so you still have time......C'mon gang, let's keep the numbers UP! 
2/25-Theresa Cliff wins at the Keystone Invitational! Read the exciting race description at racereports.net
2/20-The Windy City race in Crystal Lake, IL and the Inter-Club in Midland, MI are both being held on Sunday March 9. We need to know by this Sunday who wants to go to which race. If necessary Robb and Jay will split up to attend these races.
2/18-Information on the 2003 Cheesehead to be held May 3-4 at the Skate Express in Watertown, WI.
2/16-More pictures from Las Vegas featuring the V-Girls. Photos courtesy of Gary Ryan
Race descriptions at Verducci.
2/16-More pictures from the Las Vegas Invitational. Thanks to Mandy O'Neil for the photos. See Mandy for copies.
2/16-Everyone who ordered "blue wheels" needs to re-confirm their order to Robb by this Tuesday (2/18). Confirm size (80 or 84mm), quantity, or if you are canceling your order. Let him know Mon. or Tue. or email here to the site.
2/13-Short (NBC 2:00 EST) and Long (ABC 2:30EST) Track Ice Speedskating on TV this Saturday.
2/12-Hundreds of pictures from the Las Vegas Invitational at PhotoReflect.com
2/11-Outdoor results from Las Vegas, Theresa Cliff and Jessica Smith finish 1st and 2nd.
2/11-Las Vegas indoor results and pictures at racereports.net.
2/9-Indoor results from Las Vegas. Congratulations to Samantha Bates 1st in JO Tiny Tot Girls, Darian O'Neil 1st in Primary Girls, Kelly Gunther 2nd in Sophomore Ladies, Jessica Smith 1st in Senior Ladies, Jay Ingram 1st in Master Men. And Jessica Smith wins the Women's Grand Champions Race.
2/9-See Heidi Palmer at 10 1/2 months!
2/9-Monday night practice on Feb. 10 is CANCELED.
2/9-Poor reporting from Las Vegas from Hyper. Here are some unofficial results.
2/5-Watch here for results from the 2003 Las Vegas Invitational happening Feb. 7-10. Hyper results hereRaceReports.net here. 
2/3-Kathie Fry has put up a Theresa Cliff Fan Site at skatelog.com It has bio info and pictures (check out the one's from 2002 World's).
2/3-Jamie Mack of the Wolverines does it again at the Roller Sports Ontario Interclub #3 in Toronto, Canada. Article and pictures here.
2/2-MRSO City League Meet in Mt. Morris, where the "WOLVERINE WHEELS" ......rock and ROLLED with the competition!!!  CONGRATULATIONS to all!!!  Next meet scheduled for Sunday, March 2, 2003 in Midland, at the Roll Arena!  Any skater interested, see Pam Coletta. PICTURES HERE.
2/2-Check the Great Skate PRACTICE SCHEDULE for Feb. Changes are in red.
2/2-Order the Blue wheels from Robb by Tuesday!!!, The money is not due but you must order by Tuesday!
2/1-We have exchanged links with the  XSpeed Team from Berlin, Germany. How's your German? (Did you know? 10% of the hits on the Wolverine web site are from over 21 countries outside of the USA).
1/31-Article and pictures of the Roll-On from last Thursday at skatelog.com
1/28-Here is a report on the Jay Ingram Clinic in Cambridge, ON, Canada this last weekend.
1/27-Happy Birthday to Jay Ingram! Jay spent his birthday weekend in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada giving a clinic. See how Mike Scianna wished Jay a Happy Birthday! Go here to see the video. Thanks to Peter's Inline . You need Real Player to view it. Good luck at practice, Mike.
1/22-Information on the 2003 World Championships in Suzhou, China from Jay Ingram.
Attached is a letter from FIRS indicating that the 2003 World Championships will have both Road and Track events.  Please make plans accordingly as the World Team this year will no longer be road only.  I received this notice over the weekend and thought you would like to know as soon as possible.  Look for complete information on Outdoor Nationals to be posted on our website soon.  If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. 
Richard J. Hawkins
National Speed/Recreation Director
USA Roller Sports  More info at the FIRS site.   (Note the track is a 200m FLAT track)    
1/21-Results from the Palm Beach Challange: Indoor Pro Elite, Indoor Elite, Indoor  Relays, Indoor JO Division and Relays  Thanks to Stardust Speed and Peter's Inline. Results from Hyper.
1/19-The Wolverine site has exchanged links with ROLLERSKATING.COM  How's your French?
1/17-Check this out from GT Racing. From Beginning Skater to Ranked Racer by David Downing.
1/16-Remember Spin Class on Saturday - From Bucky
1/13-World Inline Cup / Roller World Cup 2003 Website
1/12-MRSO (Michigan Roller Skating Organization) has a race series for just- starting speed skaters. This series is suited for beginners who do not yet compete at USARS level meets. The Wolverines had 10 skaters in attendance at the Jan. 12 meet in Midland, MI. Pam thinks this is a great program. See her for more details. Pictures here.
1/8-Qualification information for the 2003 Pan American Games.
1/4-Speaking of Spin Class, here is a picture taken at one a couple of months ago.
1/4- No Spin Class this Sat. Jan. 11
UPDATED 3/8/02
The Wolverines are proud of all our skaters. Occasionally we will put one in the spotlight with a more in-depth interview.
Insight and advice from some of our more experienced skaters
   Learn to skate ........... FAST
Thanks to Triad Racing
2002 Wolverines Christmas Party
2002 Wolverine Team Picnic
New Roll-On at The Great Skate
The MRSO Race Series is for just-starting speed skaters:
Jan. 12 Midland, MI
Feb. 22 Mt. Morris, MI
Mar. 2 Midland, MI
Mar. 30 Mt. Morris, MI
Apr. 27 Midland, MI
May 18 State Championships                         in Midland, MI 
Inaugural WALT DISNEY WORLD Inline Marathon Mar. 30 - Results Here