3/31- Here is a letter to the team from Susie Fuchs:
Hi everybody,
I arrived safely at home. My days are quite busy so far. I try to meet all my friends and spend some time with them. It has been forever I haven't seen them. So lots to talk about! It's also kind of weird to be back home after such a long time, not to go to work at 7 am, not to go to practise and that's the part I really miss. Already now! Of course I already went skating here in Austria -
outdoors. Actually every single day. Even the day I arrived, I just had to move after so many hours sitting in the plane. My teammates were kind of shocked, when they saw me skating. They didn't expect, that I improved that much. I think, they are a little jealous :-)  Thanks, Jay, for all those hard practises!!!
In 2 weeks I have got my first race. Then I definitly have a comparison to the austrian skaters.
Remember you are always welcome to visit me in Austria. Whenever you come, you have a place to stay. If you don't wanna see any snow, then I suggest you would plan your trip in summer. By the way, how is the weather in Michigan? Still
snowing? Well here, it is sunny and about 65°. And if you also want to skate a race, you should come in August because there is one in my little cute hometown on August 23./24. 
If that's not reason enough. There is also a wine festival last ten days of August in my hometown. A place you have to be at least once in your life! ;-)
Hope I hear from you soon, either via email, skype,...
In case you don't know skype. It's really cool. You can talk for free over the
Have a nice week! Big hug!
You can get Susie's phone number from Coach Jay.
3/31-The April Practice Schedule is posted.
3/20-Practice schedule for the rest of March.
Congrats is to go out to all the Wolverines that had participated At Winter Nationals. From what I heard = the 100,000,000 phone calls that were made between Jenny S. and I during the event and those that I had spoke to after the meet it sounds like most of us competed to the best of out ability.  Hopefully much was learned and a lot of experience gained to make the next event even better. Again, Great Job guys and girls.
Roll On:
Jay here down in Florida again coaching practice down in Florida for team Pines. Can you let it be know that Roll On was put down 2/25/08 and that the floor is soooooooooooooooooooo fast, the fastest it has been in at least a decade plus and not only fast but tight = it hurts the legs. Not sure how long that will last but with it being sanded and the humps taken away and with this being the third coat of Roll On in 6 months the floor is probably the best it has been since the Wolverines were established at this Rink 20 years ago in 1988.
Easter Meet:
Wolverines will be participating in the meet to be held in Cincinnati Ohio over the Easter Weekend. There should be great competition there. I believe it is just a weekend event Sat and Sunday. Information is being sent to Coach Jenny so give her or myself a call if you hear nothing in the next couple of days.
Wolverine International Team Member:
SUZI // or SUSIE  or ??? SUShhhiiiee from Austria will be leaving us on the 28th of MARCH. We will be having some sort of going away party for her. Again, remember she wants us all to come visit her, she has promised if we come we all have a place to stay. If you decide to visit Europe and you give her enough notice she may come and visit you too in a European country/city near her though Austria sounds pretty cool to me.
1/31-NEW-Coach Jay's report on the Wolverine party:
NEW YEAR, NEW FACES, OLD FACES, 100mm, 110mm, 90mm Rollon TItanium bare wood floors. What does 2008 have to hold for the USA this year in inline Speed Skating? An economy that has not helped the sport out much throughout the United states but here at home in Michigan there are skaters but they are really not competing, well not like years and decades before. They are skating though through the parks, at public sessions, even indoor and outdoor speed practice gatherings to stay in shape. Traveling the country and the World for the thrill of seeing places new or old on their inline skates.
Saturday and Sunday 1/12 -13/08 played key in a moment of inline & quad speed skating uniqueness, adventure, fun, enjoyment with too much food, SUGAR for some and lack of sleep for many Michigan Wolverines speed skaters and their friends. The Great Skate in Roseville hosted the second speed skater all nighter for the 2007-2008 season bringing together skaters, family and friends from accross the Great Lakes Region, there was even an International presence for the second time. This event was ment to bring in the new year for the Michigan Wolverines and celebrate friendships new and old and to get everyone involved with the team geared up for the competions both locally, within the USA and internationally for the rest of the 2008 inline speed skating year.
Many of the speed skating athletes decided to come early to skate the evening session but did not heed the warning that was given to them, that was that this session would be very, very crowded. An hour before the 8-11pm Great Skate session ended the last figure count of people skating was 398, can you say AGILITY DRILLS. We should make Saturday night session part of our training, for there were plenty of people to jump over manouver around even though you could not go fast even if they let you.
Needless to say before the end of this session up in the Birthday party room we all witnessed a fight between 12 year old girls that was unlike something I have seen between two girls my whole life. "CAT FIGHT" "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT" was the chanting that was heard as one of the girls was being held off the floor from her pant belt loop. It was funny and marked the beginning of a sleepless night for those of us who remaind in the rink after the 400 plus skaters left.
The five year olds were the one who rulled the night, while some parents thought they would be going home within an hour 12am their little five year olds were going strong come 2:15am with enthusiasm that they had the whole rink to their selves to do almost anything they wanted to do. With an hour practice filled with warm-up, outdoor track, and Jay pace the rest of the nights ajenda included hide and seek, pillow/sleeping bag fight, learn to dance by JAY with exhibition right after, (SOME GUYS HID, Star Wars Movie, Play station II game tournaments, food and drinks with very little sleep under the disco ball followed by a 8:30am practice.
When all was said and done there were many tired people about the Great Skate at 11:30am that Sunday. I was surprised when asked by many "When are we going to do this again?" I was thinking maybe another decade or two, joking, I think I am. It is always fun to do things like this, I was amazed at how those that skated a 12am practiced seemed faster than if it were any other time of day.
Maybe we will run a practice at 1am next time.
1/3-The January Practice Schedule is posted.
1/3-Welcome back to the 2008 Skating Year! Team get together,
belated Holiday bring in the NEW YEAR SSleep over at The Great Skate starting Sat. 9PM through Sun. 11AM. Bring your friends, their friends, lets have some fun. Bring somethng to eat to pass, h20 and other drinks will be provided.
1/3- We will need help in laying down Roll On this month or next. Not sure of the date yet Coach Jay will advise.
1/3- Best of opportunities to those outdoor training and competing outdoors in Fort Lauderdale this month.

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