9/26-Pictures from the Wolverine Team Picnic held at the Scianna's last Sunday. Thanks to the Scianna's for all their hard work, and the use of their home. Thanks to the Palmer's for the pictures.

9/26-USA Roller Sports announced today that the Indoor Speed Championships will be held in Lincoln, Neb. through 2004. Read the full announcement at USA Roller Sports.

9/26-You can go to Disney World! See Paul Lomangino, he is excited!

9/25-Please read this article on sportsmanship.

9/17-Wolverines at the Duluth, MN Northshore Inline Marathon and World Cup Grand Prix. In the Pro Women's Division Jessica Smith finished 1st followed by Theresa Cliff in 2nd. Kelly Gunther was 2nd in her division and 10th overall. Paul Lomangino finished 3rd in his division. Congratulations to all! Report and pictures at Peter's InlineCHECK OUT THESE PICS OF JESS AND THERESA AT THE FINISH LINE.

9/9-NEW-Added Bio Page for Charlie Craven.

8/30-Here are some pictures of Theresa, Jess, and Seth at worlds.

8/30-Read what they are saying about Theresa Cliff on the Hyper-Race Bulletin Board.

8/30-Added a new link to the Quad Cities Speed Team Coached by B.J. Steketee

8/26-Wolverine uniforms available in most sizes. See Robb.

8/26-The races at the World Championships are now over. Theresa Cliff won the Senior Women's Marathon today. Results and comments at Peter's Inline.

8/22-10-1/2 Men's speed boot: Lorraine Colasanti is looking to borrow a men's speed boot, size 10-1/2. She is trying to recruit an ice speed skater and needs a boot for him to try (she will supply the frames, wheels, and bearings). If you can help her out email us at wolverinespeedteam@comcast.net and I will put her in contact with you.

8/22- Results from the 2002 Inline Skating World Championships held in Ostend, Belgium are starting to come in. The Wolverines have three members representing the United States this year, Theresa Cliff, Jessica Smith, and Seth Schwind.

8/12-Jessica Smith won the Empire Skate Race in Central Park in New York City Sunday. Report and pictures at Peter's Inline Racing.

8/12- The 2002 Inline Skating World Championships will be held in Ostend, Belgium on Aug. 22-26. Schedule, results, race and track descriptions at their website. The Wolverines have three members representing the United States this year, Theresa Cliff, Jessica Smith, and Seth Schwind.

8/9-New picture of Heidi Palmer at 4 months.

8/6-New link with GT Racing. Check them out.

8/6-Jay will hold an indoor practice Wednesday at 6:00 and Friday at 5:00. There may be a practice on Sunday. We will email and post here.

8/1-Jay will have a practice Friday, August 2 from 5-7:00

7/31-Practice-Robb says take a break. He will inform you when the next practice will be. It will be outdoors.

7/29-We just received a letter from Annette Stapleton (now Annette Heywood). She says hi to everyone. Go here for some wedding pictures.

7/29-A big thanks and congratulations to the folks running the Roswell/Precision Inline Racing Web Site for their timely race results from this years Nationals. They put a lot of work into their site and it shows. Theirs is one of the top two or three speed web sites and I encourage everyone to check them out.

7/29- US Standard Indoor Speed National Championship Official Results. USARS Individual. USARS Relays. USARS Teams. The Wolverines were second in total team points this year. Congratulations to the Wolverines and Coach Robb Dunn. Results are available at Roswell Speed as well.

7/29-Results from Saturday's Relays are in.  Here's how the Wolverines fared: Masters 2-Man 2000m was won by Jay Ingram and Clyde Gilbey. Carman Bargas and Kelly Gunther were 5th in Sophomore Ladies 2000m. Alicia Knight and Ariel Nulty took 2nd in the Elementary 2-Girl 2000m. Terry Palmer and Mike Tanner were 2nd in the Classic 2-Man 2000m. Winning the Senior 2-Woman 3000m was Theresa Cliff and Jessica Smith.

7/28-No results from Saturday yet, but  overall individual results are available at USARS and Roswell Speed.

7/27-Friday results from US Standard Indoor National Championships. Wolverine highlights: Alicia Knight 3rd in Elementary Girls 700m. Kelly Gunther 2nd in Sophomore Ladies 1500m. Terry Palmer 2nd in Classic Men 2000m. Jay Ingram 1st in Masters Men 1500m. Julian Bargas and Alicia Knight were 2nd in the Elementary 2mix 2000m. Results at USARS.

7/26-This is a great news article in the Lincoln Journal Star about Traci Morrison and her first year win at Nationals. At the end of the article you can find other articles about this years National competition.  A big thanks to Paul Lomagino for this info.

7/26-Thursday at the US Standard Indoor National Championships was sprint day. Here is how the Wolverines fared that made the finals. In Primary Girls 200m Darian O'Neil finished 4th. In Juvenile Girls 200m Angelique Jones was 6th. Jay Ingram finished 1st in the Masters Men 500m. Terry Palmer was 1st in Classic Men 500m. In Pro/Elite Ladies 1000m Theresa Cliff was 2nd. In Senior Men 1000m Kevin Shockley finished 4th. And in the Sophmore Ladies 500m Kelly Gunther was 2nd. Today will be the longer distances and the start of Relays. Results and pictures at USARSHigh Point Speed World has pictures, video, and race info from a High Point perspective.

7/25-Wednesday Standard Indoor Nationals. Individual events began. Some Wolverine highlights were: Women's Pro/Elite 100m Time Trials: Theresa Cliff 2nd, Jessica Smith 3rd, and Heidi Miller 9th. Alicia Knight was 2nd in the Elementary Girls 500m. Kelly Gunther took 2nd in the Sophomore Ladies 1000m. In Classic Men 1000m Terry Palmer won. Jay Ingram won the Master Men 1000m. Making the finals were: Mike Scianna 4th in Junior Men 1000m, Bridget Nalty 5th and Angelique Jones 6th in Juvenile Girls 300m, Darian O'Neil 4th in Primary Girls 300m, Kevin Shockley 4th in Senior Men 1500m. Results and pictures at USARS. Thanks to Roswell Speed for their daily AM reports. High Point Speed World has pictures, video, and race info from a High Point perspective.

7/24-Tuesday saw the start of Standard Indoor Nationals.  4 Person Relays were run and congratulations to: Successfully defending their Senior 4 Lady Relay crown from last year was Amy Ruby, Jessica Smith, Theresa Cliff, and Heidi Miller. Second in the Senior 4 Mixed Relay was Kelly Gunther, Heidi Miller, Seth Schwind, and Kevin Schockley. Results and pictures at USARS. Thanks to Roswell Speed for their daily AM reports. High Point Speed World has pictures, video, and race info from a High Point perspective.

7/23-JO National Relay results are in.  Thanks to Roswell Speed. Results and pictures at USARS.  Congratulations to: Lyndsey Magnus and Traci Morrison won JO Senior 2 Lady. Lyndsey Magnus and Zac Arens placed third in JO Senior 2 Mixed. Victoria Arens and Casey Gahan placed third in JO Elementary 2 Girl.

7/22-Sunday's JO Nationals individual results are in from Lincoln, NE. See the results at Roswell Speed and USARSPictures here. Congratulations to: Lyndsey Magnus won JO Senior Women. In JO Classic Women Traci Morrison won and Lorraine Colasanti made the finals.  Paul Lomangino took the 4th place medal and made it to the podium in the JO Classic Men's finals.  Casey Gahan made the JO Juvenile Girls finals.  Good luck to all the Wolverines today in Relays.

7/16-Notice to Bob Justice: Chester Cheesehead was recently spotted at the graduation party of Mike Scianna in Romeo, Michigan.  No explanation was given for his appearance nor was there any mention of the "Eagle" spotted in the area. Pictures here.

7/14-See Heidi Palmer at 3 1/2 months old. (note how much cuter she is then her dad)

7/9-Check out Coach Robb Dunn partying with the Stanley Cup

JUL - SEP 2002
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THE GREAT SKATE                                     1988-2002
UPDATED 3/8/02
Year in and year out,
where the demands are great,
but the rewards last a lifetime.
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