9/30-The October Practice Schedule is posted.
9/30-GT Speed's website has a new look. Check out the article on the History of GT Speed's uniforms. See them at gtspeed.com
9/30-The 22nd Athens to Atlanta race was run last Sunday at distances of 87, 52, and 38 miles. Article, results, and pictures at petersinlineracing. Results and pictures at a2a.net.
9/29-With over 200,000 spectators lining the course of the Berlin Inline World Cup Marathon our own Jessica Smith and Theresa Cliff finished second and third. This was the last of the 10 events that made up the Inline World Cup, which was held over a six month period in 7 different countries. Congratulations to Jess and Theresa for their first and fifth place overall finishes. Article and pictures at teamrollerblade.com. Article at world-inline-cup.com. Article and final rankings at patincarrera.com (in Spanish).
9/25-A statement released by USA Roller Sports (USARS) concerning the 2003 Federation Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS) World Roller Speed Skating Championships from November 1 through November 9 in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Read it here. The Wolverines will have two members representing the United States, Theresa Cliff and Jessica Smith. See the World Speed Skating Championships web site here.
9/25-2003 USA Roller Sports Fall Banked Track Clinics - November 12 - 15, 2003. Information here.
9/24- A 10km race in Downtown Toronto on Monday October 13th. Prize money for women and men top 5 plus winner of 35 and over and winner of 16 and under as well as preemes. Entry is only $40 Canadian (about US$30). The course is in downtown Toronto and is a certified 10k. There will be many festivities. Info here.
9/20-Jessica Smith, with help from Theresa Cliff won the 2003 World Inline Cup Marathon Saturday in Vienna, Austria. Jessica now holds a 81 point lead in the World Cup standings over Adelia Marra of Italy going into the last two races. See the results here. Next week they will race in Berlin, Germany. See the Berlin Marathon web site here. See the 2003 World Inline Cup rankings here.
9/18-Jessica Smith takes over 1st place in the World Inline Cup rankings with her 2nd place finish at the Northshore Marathon last Sunday. Theresa Cliff moves up to 7th place with her 3rd place finish. Report at worldcupinline.com. Current World rankings here.
9/17-Pictures from the 2003 Trofeo Tres Pistes race series held in France this year. Special thanks to Lyndsey Magnus for sharing her pictures.
9/16-Pictures from the Wolverines 2003 Team Picnic.
9/16-Results and pictures from the Northshore Inline Marathon in Duluth, MN held on  September 13. Report and pictures at racereports.net. Pictures at xenan.com. Results at northshoreinline.com. Report in Spanish at patincarrera.com.
9/11-Watch the finish of the Northshore Inline Marathon in Duluth, MN on Sat. Sept. 13 on the live web cam if you can. Pro starts around 7:30 am and should finish around 8:50 am plus. Web cam here. Race results will be posted here.
9/11-The CIC has submitted the schedules for the 2003 World Speed Championships, Track and Road, to be held in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. See Track Schedule here. See Road Schedule here.
9/9-The Southern Speed Club out of Tallahassee, FL have a new web site. See it here.
9/9-A new web site for the Ohio Speedskating Tour. See it here.
9/8-The 8th leg of the World Inline Cup 2003 will be part of the Northshore Inline Marathon in Duluth, MN on September 13. The current World Cup standings have Jessica Smith in 2nd and Theresa Cliff in 10th overall. Northshore website here. World Cup website here. Pictures from previous Northshore Marathons here. See the finish of this years race on a live webcam here!!!
9/2-The September Indoor practice schedule is up.
8/31-The Great Skate Roller Rink, home of The Great Skate Wolverine Speed Team has published their Fall-Winter-Spring Schedule. See it here.
8/27-Annette Stapleton (and her husband, Justin Heywood) had a baby girl!!!  Her name is Jove' (pronounced Jo-Va (long A) Annette Heywood and was born May 29 in Texas. Perhaps yet another champion skater!!!
8/27-There will be no indoor practice at The Great Skate this Sunday, August 31.
8/23-Until further notice every Friday, from 5:30 p.m until 7:00 p.m., is a practice for J. O. and Beginning Skaters while our other team mates are still to take advantage of a little "r & r" from a job well done throughout the entire past season.  
Even though J. O. skaters who've competed at Regionals and Nationals are able to attend this practice, it is simply geared toward the beginner and J. O. skaters, who haven't been skating as long.  If this is you......please attend for a pre season "warm up".  It's a nice way to ease back into the beginning of a new season with new aspiration for yourself as a speed skater.  Hope to see you on Fridays! 
~Pam Coletta
8/21-We have linked to a skating site in the Chicago area called Get Inline...Chicagoland. They are a group of rec, fitness, and speed skaters that have grown from 4 skaters in 2001 to over 500 today. Check them out at Get Inline...Chicagoland.
8/21-The National Criterium Championships were held in Downers Grove, IL Aug. 17. Report and pictures at Bont. Pictures, Pro and Masters at Get Inline...Chicagoland. Report from Peter's Inline Racing. Report from Racereports.net.
8/18-Article on Joey Mantia at the Pan American Games.
8/13- Julie Glass and Joey Mantia representing the United States win gold at the Pan American Games in Santo Domingo. Report from USA Roller Sports here. Report (in Spanish) and point totals from PatinCarrera here.
8/12- Julie Glass and Joey Mantia representing the United States got off to a good start at the Pan American Games in Santo Domingo. Report from USA Roller Sports here. Report (in Spanish) and point totals from PatinCarrera here.
8/11-Due to our spectacular Wolverine annual picnic scheduled for Sunday, August 17th, INDOOR PRACTICE HAS BEEN CANCELLED! The picnic will start at 12:00 noon, but if anyone would like to come earlier and skate or bike, please do. If you have any questions please call Kathy Scianna or Lorraine Colasanti. This message is from Larraine Colasanti.
8/8-Information on the Banked Track Clinic at the Olympic  Training  Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado Sept. 25 - 28, 2003
8/7-Kathie Fry has resigned as editor of the About.com inline skating Web site effective Thursday July 31, 2003.  Her reasons why here.
8/5-Added a link to The Farmington Inline Skate Club or FISC which is located in Farmington, Michigan. Check out their Event Calendar. They have put a link on their site to the Wolverine Speed Skating School.
7/30- Pictures of some Wolverines at the 2003 Indoor Nationals.
7/24-The Annual Wolverine Team Picnic will be held Sunday, August 17th at Lower Huron Park, Tulip Tree North. It will start after indoor practice at The Great Skate (10-12:00). Directions from The Great Skate are 94 West to Haggerty Road Exit (192). Make a left (south) onto Haggerty Road and it ends at the toll booth for the park. Ask for the Wolverine pavilion. It's the first picnic area on the right. Map here. The party is pot luck. The club is providing the meats so we need side dishes and desserts. Please see Kathy or Lorraine to sign-up for pot-luck. Bring your own beverages. We are trying to organize a softball game, so if you have any softball equipment please bring it. Also, there is a public pool within walking distance so bring your bathing suits!
7/22-Heidi Palmer at 15 months old!
7/22-This is from Pam who teaches the beginners program: I have 2 adult male beginners who are in immediate need of equipment.  One is a size 9 1/2 and the other is a 8 1/2.  Please bring in anything/all you have for them to try on and check out at their lessons on Sundays.  Much appreciated, -Pam
7/22-Zephyr's MarathonSkating.com offers an online training program
7/22-We have linked to the Flyers Speed Skating Club out of Lincoln Nebraska. They have a picture of Zac Arens at the Cornhusker Classic.
7/22-Pictures of some Wolverines at Indoor Nationals. These are the one's I could find. Let us know if anyone finds any others. Darian O'Neal, Terry Palmer, Heidi Miller and Kelly Gunther, Jay Ingram, Zac Arens.
7/22-Standard and Pro/Elite results from Indoor Nationals at racereports.net.
7/22-Sunday, July 20 Cornhusker Classic Inline Marathon results at USA Roller Sports. Zac Arens was 16th.
7/22-Saturday, July 19 marked the close of the National Indoor Speed Championships. Standard Final Relay results at USA Roller Sports. Wolverine final Overall Standard placements were: Traci Morrison and Susan Jackson were 6th in the Masters 2 Ladies 2000m. In the Classic Ladies 2000m, Lori Sparr and Marty Bortolon were 3rd. Jay Ingram and Terry Palmer took 1st place in the Classic 2 Man 2000m. In Sophomore 2 Ladies 2000m, Kelly Gunther and Cherish Arens were 5th. Heidi Miller and Candice Rosekoph placed 3rd in the Senior Ladies 3000m.
7/19-Friday, July 18 National Indoor Speed Championships Standard Final results at USA Roller Sports. Wolverine final Overall Standard placements were: Darion O'Neal 1st overall, winning when she had to. In Sophomore Ladies Kelly Gunther finished 6th. In Senior Men Mike Sciana was 4th. Candice Rosekoph was 2nd in Senior Ladies. In Classic Men it was Terry Palmer finishing 2nd. Marty Bortolon was 4th in Classic Ladies. Jay Ingram was 1st overall in Masters Men.
7/19-Pictures from Nationals at racereports.net.
7/18-A view of the National Indoor Speed Championships from an Eastern Region perspective at the Frenchtown Speed Team Website.
7/18-Thursday, July 17 National Indoor Speed Championships Standard Final results at USA Roller Sports. Wolverines making the finals were: Darion O'Neal 1st place in the Primary Girls 200m. Susan Jackson 5th in the Masters Ladies 500m. Jay Ingram 4th in the Masters Men 500 m. In the Classic Ladies 500m it was Lori Sparr taking 5th. Terry Palmer was 3rd in the Classic Men 500m. Kelly Gunther was 5th in the Sophomore Ladies 500m. Carmen Bargas took 4th in the Junior Ladies 500m. Heidi Miller was 4th in the Pro/Elite Ladies 500m.
7/17-Wednesday, July 16 National Indoor Speed Championships Standard Final results at USA Roller Sports. Wolverines making the finals were: Taking 2nd in the Primary Girls 300m was Darion O'Neal. Susan Jackson was 2nd in the Masters Ladies 700m. Masters Men 700m was won by Jay Ingram. Lori Sparr was 5th in the Classic Ladies 1000m. Terry Palmer won the Classic Men 1000m. 3rd in the Sophomore Ladies 1000m was Kelly Gunther. 6th in Junior Ladies 1000m was Carmen Bargas. The Senior Ladies 1000m was won by Candice Rosekoph. In the Senior Mens 1500m Mike Sciana was 4th and Barry Drenkhahn 5th.
Heidi Miller finished 5th in the Pro/Elite Ladies 1000 m.
7/16-Tuesday, July 15 National Indoor Speed Championships Standard Relay results at USA Roller Sports. Wolverines making the finals were: Winning the Senior Ladies 4000m were Heidi Miller, Carmen Bargas, Kelly Gunther, and Candice Rosekoph.
7/16-Monday, July 14 National Indoor Speed Championships JO Relay results at USA Roller Sports. Wolverines making the finals were: Cherish Arens and Chris Prager finised 6th in the JO Sophomore 2 mix.
7/14-Sunday, July 13 National Indoor Speed Championships JO results at USA Roller Sports. Wolverines making the finals were: Cherish Arens finished 2nd in the 500m and 4th overall.

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