12/30-January Practice Schedules are up. Note that at Tarry Hall the Speed School times will change starting Jan. 11 and at The Great Skate there will be Monday night practices. Check with Coach Robb on when they will start.

12/30-Picture at a Tarry Hall practice.

12/29-Pictures from the Christmas Party! If anyone has more, get them to a Challis and we will put them up. Lisa, this means you.

12/29-Pictures from the Texas Shootout of Mike Scianna and Darian O'Neil

12/18-Here are the results from the 1st race in the Windy City Series.

12/8-Check out Heidi Palmer at 9 months asking the big guy in red for skates for Christmas.

12/8-No Spin Class on Dec. 14. Windy City Race on Dec. 15. GO WOLVERINES!!!

12/6-Added The Stardust Speed Club of Florida to our Links page. Read about their club here.

12/4-Jamie Mack of the Wolverines gets it done at the first RSO Canada meet of the season. Article and pictures here.

12/1-December schedule is up. Please note the following. 12/8 Sun. practice starts early (7:30 Power Exercises, 9:00 Practice). 12/3 and 12/17 no late practice. 12/19 Wolverine Christmas party starts at 6:30. 12/24 and 12/31 no practice. Happy Holidays!!!!! 

12/1-Vegas Dates

11/23- The Wolverine Christmas Party will be held at The Great Skate on Thursday, December19, at 6:30PM.  See Julie for details (food, Coaches gift, etc.)

11/17-There will be no Spin Class on Saturday, November 30

11/13-Financial problems from the US Roller Sports Annual Board of Directors meeting. Cutbacks in support given to some World Teams and fee increases. National Indoor Speed Championship dates are July 13-20. Outdoor Speed National Championship dates are May 23-31. Two new demonstration divisions for 2003. Additional Pro Division Distance.

11/7-Spin Class is at a new location starting this Saturday at 2:00. Do to popular demand Mike Bargas has obtained larger and better-maintained spinning facilities at the Power House gym located at the corner of Orchard Lake Road and Maple. Details have been team-emailed, or talk to Mike.

11/7-Remember, no indoor practice Friday, Nov. 8, but if you want to skate somewhere different you can join Lorraine Colasanti and a group of Wolverine at the Pontiac Silverdome. It is 6-9:30PM and $5.00. Parking is free.

10/29-New link to the Triad Speed Team. They were the Sunrise Speed Team (Think Josh and Brian)

10/29-Roll-in-the-Dome! Skate in the Pontiac Silverdome! Here is the 2002-2003 schedule. Floor is slippery.

10/28-Terry Palmer, Wolverine Team Captain, 2002 National Indoor Champion

10/28-Info c/o Linda Wood/USARS-Amateur Card info, New JO Master Men and Ladies division and distances, Grand Masters division and distances, Pro Men and Ladies info, Indoor National dates, Outdoor Road & Track Nationals, World Team Trials info and dates, Banked Track Clinic in Colorado Springs info

10/24-Pictures from SUI this summer courtesy of Bill and Cat Gulledge. WHO IS THERESA KISSING????

10/24-SPIN CLASS- Mike Bargas will have a spin class at 2:00 on Saturday, October 26, at the Bally's on 16 Mile road in Troy.

10/23- Check out the newest SKATER IN THE SPOTLIGHT, Paul Lomangino, with comments from Coach Robb Dunn.

10/22-Heidi Palmer is 6 months old!

10/21-Annette got inducted! Annette (Stapleton) Heywood was inducted into the Port Huron Sports Hall of Fame on Saturday, October 19, 2002. She was honored in the City where she grew up and began her skating career. Also find out about her surprise announcement concerning a future speedskater!

10/21-Message from Lorraine re: Disney World March 30
Hi Guys!
I would like to know if anyone is interested in going to the Marathon in Walt Disney World on Sunday March, 30, 2003. We can get a team discount if 10 or more people go. I know Corky, Lisa, Traci M., Paul L., me, and Billy are going. We can get package deals on rooms for two night stays.
Let me know if you are interested.

10/21-VOTE TODAY! Should roller speedskating be admitted to the 2008 Olympics?

10/17-SPIN CLASSES-Mike Bargas has the following message concerning Spin Classes: Several people have asked me when we are going to start spin classes again.  Well, the weather is getting cooler and it looks like the bikes are going indoors.  I will be returning to practice the weekend of October 26.  I am available to start teaching classes on that Saturday, the 26th.  I need a head count of how many people will cycle, so I can determine what Bally location to use.  Please let me know via e-mail no later than Monday, October 21 if you will be cycling and what time is best.  Please give me 3 time preferences.  I will schedule class based on the time most people are available.  Hope to hear from you soon -- Michael

10/14- The last World Cup Grand Prix race was held last weekend in Rome, Italy. Jessica Smith was 2nd and Theresa Cliff 3rd. Results at the Salomon website. Pictures on the Bont Website. More info on their overall standings coming soon. Their performance has been amazing in that they have been basically a two-person team racing against much larger teams all year. Go to the FIRS Roller World Cup site for pictures and more information.

10/14- USA Roller Sports has updated their Indoor Speed Records. Past and present Wolverines hold 30 National inline speed records (and some quad records too!)

10/8/02-Here are some pictures of Seth Schwind and Carmen Bargas at the Athens to Atlanta Road Skate last weekend (pictures 431-433). How many of you can say you finished a 86 mile skate! Good going Seth and Carmen!

10/8-Some new pictures from the Wolverine Team Picnic held at the Scianna's. Thanks again to the Scianna's for all their hard work, and the use of their home. Thanks to the Palmer's for the pictures.

10/6-Lorraine Colasanti has a screw loose!! Lorraine will be having surgery this Tuesday to remove two screws in the ankle she broke in a crash last year. She will be off skates for 4-8 weeks, so give her a call or an email this weekend to cheer her up.

10/6-Video your form at practice! While recovering and unable to skate, Lorraine Colasanti has offered to make a video tape of you at practice so you can study your form. The cost is $1.25 (cost of the tape) per tape and a hug. She plans on being back next Tuesday, so let her know if you are interested.

10/3-Another report on last weeks World Cup Grand Prix in Berlin at the Bont site. Check out the picture of Theresa Cliff and Desly Hill. For those of you new to the team Des used to skate for the Wolverines. She is now the High Performance Coach for the Australian National Team. Go here for more information on Desly Hill.

10/1-The next to last World Cup Grand Prix race was held last weekend in Berlin, Germany. Jessica Smith was 4th and Theresa Cliff 8th. With one more race left in the series October 13 in Rome, Italy, Jessica is 3rd and Theresa 4th overall. Their performance has been amazing in that they have been basically a two-person team racing against much larger teams. Go to the FIRS Roller World Cup site and cheer for them down the home stretch!

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