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The Wolverines are proud of all our skaters. Occasionally we will spotlight with a more in-depth interview.
Insight and advice from some of our more experienced skaters 
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The MRSO 2004 Race Series for just-starting speed skaters
Dec 14 Midland     Jan 11 Mt. Morris
Feb 8 Saginaw        Mar 14 Midland
Apr 18 Mt. Morris   May 16 Saginaw
Jun 13 Midland MI State Championships
Christmas Party '03
World Cup '03
Team Picnic '03
France '03
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Indoor Nats '03
Disney Marathon '03
Las Vegas '03
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Christmas Party '02
Team Picnic '02
Jessica Smith and Theresa Cliff are 1st and 6th IN THE WORLD!!!
Trofeo Tres Pistes 2003 France
Results and Pictures:
Lyndsey and Amy's  pictures, pibrac.com    teamrollerblade.com
roller-skating.com pg1 pg2 pg3 pg4
Wolverine's coaches  Robb Dunn and Jay Ingram have joined USA World Team members Theresa Cliff and Jessica Smith in Venezuela. They are reporting on the action at USA Rollersports
Official  Results at PatinCarrera.com (in Spanish)
Reports and pictures at:
petersinlinereacing.com BEST!
skatelog.com (Kathie Fry's reports)
2003 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS    Over 320 skaters from 48 countries  competed in  Venezuela. USA Team members Theresa Cliff and Jessica Smith won 7 Gold, 3 Silver, and 1 Bronze Medals.     USA Rollersports
PatinCarrera.com        skatelog.com
petersinlineracing.com         Bont

12/31-The Wolverines Theresa Cliff states “Before I retire from skating, I would like to win at least one World Inline Cup” Read the interview by Vincent Esnault from Team Rollerblade France. Interview here.    Team Rollerblade here.
12-31-Observations on the 2003 World’s by some of the coaches, including Desly Hill from Australia. Team Rollerblade.
12/31-Pictures of Heidi and Kevin Shockley's Wedding. Go here.
12/27-NEW-Just a reminder, Gary and Theresa's Wedding Shower is Sunday, Jan. 4, 4:30 at The Great Skate.
12/24-NEW-Peter Doucet  (Peter’s Inline Racing Web Site) and company from Toronto, Canada practiced with the Wolverines on Tuesday. Their pictures here.
12/22-NEW-The Tue. Dec. 23 9-10:45PM indoor practice is for all skaters, not just JO.
12/21-NEW-SKATERS IN THE SPOTLIGHT. The current SKATERS in the SPOTLIGHT are Mandy O'Neil, and her daughters, Darian and Makayla. They are 3rd and 4th generation skaters following Mandy’s Mother Helen Derks, and her Grandmother Helen Dryer. The equipment has changed over the years, but not Mandy and the girls love for skating. Spotlight here.
12/20-NEW-The MRSO 2004 season began with a meet in Midland, MI on Dec. 14. Here is a message from Pam Coletta, the Wolverines Speed School instructor, and Beginners Coach:
Well, here they are again!  The Wolverine Wheels Beginning Speed skaters took to the floor on Sunday, December 14th, in Midland, MI at the Roll Arena.  A "WHEELY" BIG CONGRATULATIONS to ALL who raced!  Lots of personal bests were met and there's sure to be more personal bests throughout the year at future meets.  Keep up the good work!  Congratulations Tori Ridella, Bradley Koziara, Brendon Koziara, James Hartley, Nathan Jackson, Randy Haskett, Tim Pasternaki, Jason Migla, Chet Pruszynski, John Guerra and Dave Liano! ! !  Sincerely, Pam     Pictures here.
12/19-NEW-More pictures of the Wolverines Holiday Party thanks to Pam Coletta and Corky Zaron. Wolverines Holiday Party.
12/16-NEW-First Pictures of The 2003 Wolverines Christmas Party (including a picture of the seldom photographed Guy, with his lovely wife Kathy Scianna). More to come. If you have pictures to share please get them to Larry or Jessie Challis.
12/14-Congratulations to Kevin Shockley and Heidi Miller (now Heidi Shockley) who were married yesterday, December 13. Heidi promises pictures.
12/13-Doing your best. Mimi is a story about doing your best, inspired by a young girl named Michelle, who skated for the Wolverines during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. It was written by Jackie Arnold after watching Michelle during a practice race. Read her story here.
12/3-Congratulations to Josh Wood who is joining the Mogema-Labeda Racing Team. See the announcement at Mogema USA.
11/30-December Practice Schedule is up. Practice Schedule.
11/22-Rollerblade has an interview with Peter Doucet, creator of petersinlineracing.com  See it here.
11/22-Worlds 2003 by Jordon Malone.
11/21-This Sunday, Nov. 23 EXERCISES 9:00 SHARP! INDOOR 10:00-12:00 PM
11/20-The Saturday, Nov. 22 and Saturday, Nov. 29th Wolverine Cycling classes have been cancelled due to a workshop being held in the Y's room.  The next class will resume on Saturday, Dec. 6th at 1:30PM, immediately followed by a second class at 2:30PM.
11/20-Following is a massage of appreciation from Terry and Janice Prager.
Dear Family and Friends.
     With what we have just gone through and will go through in the future, Terry and I just want to say "Thanks" to all our friends and family that have come to our rescue and have offered to help us out. I don't think we will ever get over all of the Love that has been sent our way. Thank you all again for everything! 
Love Always,   Terry and Janice
11/20-Chris Prager’s dad Terry is recovering nicely from an angioplasty procedure and is now 4 stints heavier than he was. You can email the big guy well wishes at tjprager@cs.com
11/17-Theresa Cliff of the Wolverines has been voter the best Senior Female Speed Skater of the last decade on patincarrera.com.
11/15-SUN EXERCISES 8:10 SHARP! INDOOR 9:00-12:00 PM
11/9-Team USA at 2003 World's-In the 42k Marathon, The Wolverine's Theresa Cliff and Jessica Smith took 1st and 2nd in the final event of the 2003 World Championships in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. In Junior Men Joey Mantia won the Gold.
11/8-Team USA at 2003 World's-Tonight were the finals for the 10000 meter Relays. The USA took 2nd in Junior Men, 1st in Senior Women, and 1st in Senior Men. Tomorrow's 42k marathon ends the 8 days of competition that saw 320 skaters from 48 countries competing in Barquisimeto, Venezuela for the 2003 World Championships.
11/8-Team USA at 2003 World's-Jay Ingram wraps up Friday nights action with this report at USA Rollersports.
11/7-Team USA at 2003 World's-Joey Mantia more Gold in the 20000m Elimination races. The Wolverine's own Jessica Smith takes the Gold in Senior Women, with Julie Glass third. Jordan Malone was 3rd in Senior Men. The 500m finals have just ended. In Junior Men Joey Mantia has again won, with William Bowen taking 3rd. The Wolverines
Theresa Cliff was 2nd and Jessica Smith 3rd in Senior Women. Jordan Malone was 1st in Senior Men. Tomorrow are the 10000m Relays.
11/7-Whoo! The web site crashed today. Repairs ongoing. LC 
11/6-Added pictures from Amy Ruby to the ones from Lyndsey Magnus  from the
2003 Trofeo Tres Pistes race series held in France this year. Special thanks to Lyndsey and Amy for sharing their pictures, even if it took so long for Amy to get me her camera to unload. Hey Amy, what do you want me to do with the pictures from that party?
11/6- Team USA at 2003 World's-Jay Ingram has new reports on the action at USA Rollersports.
11/6-  Team USA at 2003 World's-In the 200m finals it was Joey Mantia for the Gold in Junior Men. Julie Glass was 2nd in Senior Women. In the 5000m it was Joey Mantia 1st in Junior Men, Julie Glass 1st in Senior Women, and Jordan Malone 2nd in Senior Men.
11/6-Competing last weekend at the Nov. 2 Cactus Classic in Tucson, Arizona were Wolverines Traci Morrison, Steve Morrison, and Jeff Reuter. Steve enjoyed his first marathon on a course that included long sections of extremely rough road, challenging hills, and a steep uphill finish. Initial results have Traci 7th in Pro Masters Women, and Steve 20th and Jeff 13th in their categories. Results are under review due to a faulty timing system and positions may improve. Results and pictures at
cactusspeedclassic.org. Report and pictures at bont.
11/5-Team USA at 2003 World's-Jay Ingram along with Robb Dunn and others are providing some outstanding reports on the Track Racing from a coach's perspective. See  their race reports on day 3 at USA Rollersports.  Today is a rest day, but the competition heats up again tomorrow with the 200 and 5000 meter Races.
11/4- Team USA at 2003 World's-The 1000m finals was run this morning and the USA did great. In Junior Women it was Brittany Bowe 2nd, Joey Mantia again 1st in Junior Men, Julie Glass 1st in Senior Women, and Jordon Malone 1st in Senior Men. Coming up tonight will be the 5000m Relays and 500m finals. In the 5000m Relays the USA has taken 3rd in Junior Women and 1st in Junior Men, in Senior Women the USA has taken 1st over Chinese Taipei., the Senior Men were DQ. In the 500m Joey Mantia added to his Gold totals with a 1st in Junior Men, and the Wolverine's own Jessica Smith was 2nd in Senior Women.
11/4- Team USA at 2003 World's-Wolverine Coaches Robb Dunn and Jay Ingram have articles on all the action at USARollerSports. Peter Doucet and his Canadian National Team are putting up really timely reports and pictures of the action at
11/3- Team USA at 2003 World's-In the 10,000m Points/Elimination finals it was Joey Mantia 2nd in Junior Men, Kimi Butler2nd in Senior Women, and Jordon Malone 1st in Senior Men. The 1000m finals have been rained out until tomorrow.
11/2-Team USA at 2003 World's- In the 300m time trials it was Brittany Bowe 1st in Junior Women, Joey Mantia 1st in Junior Men, Julie Glass 2nd in Senior Women, and Steven Carter 3rd in Senior Men. The 15,000 meter elimination races were held at night in front of 6,000 screaming spectators at the World Championships in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. For the USA Joey Mantia takes the Gold in Junior Men and the Wolverine's own Theresa Cliff wins her record 26th Gold in Senior Women by .02 seconds!
11/1-Money for new uniforms must be in by Nov. 16.
10/30-The  2003 Inline Speed Skating World Championships  are being held in Barquisimeto, Venezuela from Nov. 2-9. We will link to reports, pictures, and results as they become available. Current links are: USA Roller SportsPeter's Inline Racing
10/30-It's official!  "WOLVERINE CYCLING" our team class and is posted on the Warren Y's schedule.  The first class is this Saturday, November 1st.  IT IS FREE, as we are beginning in their "free week."  Since there are only NINE BIKES, it will be "first come, first served" SO, I'm offering us 2 or 3 classes if necessary, as the room is available the entire afternoon. No practice Friday, so c'mon and ride inside Saturday!  If classes don't fill, we'll go longer! The Warren Family Y is located at 8777 Common Road, which is 12 1/2 mile and between Van Dyke and Hoover, in Warren.  Phone (586) 751-1050
Please call Pam Coletta (586) 757-9117 (leave msg. if no answer) or Email ladyspeedsk8z@yahoo.com to reserve your class time of either 1PM until 1:45PM or 2:15PM until 3PM or 3:30PM until 4:15PM.  Three classes are offered so everyone has a chance to get in! Take advantage of this Saturday, as it is FREE!  We will begin to pay next Saturday and I will have handouts on this information at class this Saturday.  Any questions, I hope you'll call me @ (586) 757-9117.  Thanks and hope you'll "ride inside."
10/29-2003 World's, first report in from Jay Ingram at USA Roller Sports.
10/30-NEW-Here is a report from Jay Ingram at USA Roller Sports on the 2003 World Championships in Barqyusuneto, Venezuela. Read it here.
10/29-NEW-2003 World Championships, follow the Canadian Team through their skating adventures in Venezuela. Go to petersinline.com
10/28-NEW-Pictures of the 2003 World Inline Cup thanks to Gary Ryan. See them here.
10/23-NEW-The Bont website has a new look. See it here. You can register there and get emails with the latest news from the World Championships.
10/16-A new picture of the Captain Terry Palmer's daughter Heidi at the Rink.
10/15-Anyone interested in biking or skating outdoors this Saturday please meet at the East Boat Ramp at Stony Creek Park at 9:30 am. Skaters are not allowed in the road, however they do sweep the path of sticks. Depending on who shows up, the first lap will be SLOW for beginners and/or skaters and we will ride on the trail. The next 3 to 4 laps on bikes will be on the road at an average speed of 20-22 mph (unless Steve is pulling them 23-25 mph:). Thanks.  Lorraine Colasanti   Stony Creek Park information here.
10/14-The 2003 Rolling Rampage took place Monday under beautiful clear skies in beautiful downtown Toronto, ON at the Queen's Park. Wolverines present were Barry Drenkhahn, Jay Ingram, Chester Pruszynski, and Bill Snyder. Report hereResults herePictures here.  Courtesy of petersinlineracing.com
10/12-Paul Lomangino places 25th in Pro Men Masters at the Long Beach Marathon held in Long Beach, CA today. All results here.
10/9- Wolverine Jeff Reuter spotted the article on The Great Skate Wolverine Speed Team at the online version of the Detroit Free Press.  Link to the article at The Detroit Free Press here.
10/9-Lorraine Colasanti sends this. If anyone is interested in riding or skating this Saturday morning, Oct. 11, there is a group of us meeting at Stony Creek Park at 9:30 am at the east boat ramp parking lot. We plan on doing 5 laps around the park. Hope to see you there! Stony Creek Park information here
10/8-10k race for skaters of all abilities around the beautiful Queen's Park in  Toronto, ON, Oct. 13. With a cash purse that pays 5-deep in the men and women as well as cash for the 35 and over and 16 and under skaters plus cash preemes, the races are sure to be action packed. While checking out the races, make sure you enjoy all the other festivities that will be at the race site including volleyball, food, and a reggae band, and other live entertainment. Info at petersinlineracing.
10/4-Interview with Jessica Smith at teamrollerblade.com
10/2-Please read this email from Desly Hill and send some encouraging words to Shaun Thompson, a fellow skater from Australia who has skated with the Wolverines. Des's email here. Shaun on the Bont board here.
10/2-Corky reports that the skating schedule at the Pontiac Silverdome is out.
10/2-No practice at the Great Skate on Friday, Oct. 3. PRACTICE SCHEDULE
10/1-Robb wants everyone to wear a uniform to practice at the Sunday, October 5  practice at The Great Skate.
10/1-The 2nd Bi-Annual Roller-skating Reunion at the Bonaventure Family skating Center in Farmington Hills, MI. Reunite with old friends nationwide! Details at .bonaventureskate.com