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Wolverine Speed Archives Oct. - Dec.2004
12/29-The Wolverine’s annual Holiday party was held at The Great Skate. Pictures here.  Thanks to Corky Zaron for the photos.
***NEW***The annual Wolverine Speed Team Holiday Party will be at The Great Skate on Wed. Dec. 29 from 6:00-10:00PM. Pizza, salad and beverages will be provided. There is a gift exchange for interested parties ($10.00 gift limit). And don’t forget the quad races – see if Robb Dunn still has what it takes! Please contact Traci Morrison if you can come.
12/22-Stage 2 of the Ohio Buckeye Speedskating League Tour was held Dec. 19 in Hermitage, PA. Results at ohiospeedskatingtour.com    Photos from Shafeeg Sinnamohideen with the Valley Speed Team. Report and photos at racereports.net
12/19-Fast Forward Racing announces their “Luck of the Irish” St. Patrick’s Day Invitational to be held on Mar. 18-20, 2005 at iSkate81 in Greencastle, PA.
12/15-We have linked to a new speed skating website, Grow Inline Speed. They have chosen the Wolverine Speed Team as their first featured team and have included several links to the Wolverine Website. Grow Inline Speed was founded by active enthusiasts in the sport of inline speed skating in Lincoln, NE during the 2004 USARS Indoor Nationals. Their mission is “The creation, support and delivery of reasonable, doable, affordable and measurable tactics and information to help grow the sport of Inline Speed Skating.” The GIS organization points out that their website is early in its development and you can expect many changes and additional beneficial information to be added in the coming months. The website is at www.growinlinespeed.com
12/14-The Rolling Warrior Speed Team Invitational has been announced for Jan. 29 & 30 at the Starlight Fun Center in Salisbury, NC. Information here.
12/10-We'd like to thank EVERYONE for all your best wishes and congratulations on our engagement as we look forward to a new and exciting life, together, which includes skating at the top of our list!  THANK YOU ALL SO VERY, VERY, MUCH!!!   Pam & Lee
12/9-Read a follow-up interview with Wolverine Coach Robb Dunn on the 1st Motor City Madness Invitational. By Robert Burnson of The Inline Planet.
12/7-We have linked to Capital City Racing.
12/7-Mike Smith has podium shots from the Motor City Madness Meet.
12/5-The December practice schdule is posted.
12/2-All results and photos from the Motor City Madness Invitational are posted.
12/2-Here is an interview with Theresa Cliff-Ryan by Vincent Esnault at Peters Inline Racing.
12/1-There are changes to the Practice Schedule.
12/1-We have linked the The Rolling Warriors Speed Team.
11/28-There is practice Tuesday.
11/27-The Motor City Madness Invitational Results.
All results here.
11/22-The schedule for the Wolverine Invitational is posted here.
11/20-An interview with the Coach of the Wolverines, Robb Dunn on the Motor City Madness Invitational to be held Nov. 25-27.  Interview by Robert Burnson of The Inline Planet.
11/18-Luigino Verducci boots from Powerslide.
11/17-Sneak peek of the track to be used at the 2005 Inline World Championships to be held in Suzhou China at the  Bont Forum
11/16-We have linked the The Inline Planet website and The Inline Planet Forum.
11/16-Wolverine’s Invitational-Classic Relays were inadvertently left off the Entry Forms. If you wish to enter Classic Relays please fax, call, or you can enter at the meet.
11/15-The GT Speed website has posted part of an article that was originally posted on the USARS site during this years World Championships in Italy  addressing the Columbian pull down of USA skater Brittany Bowe just before the finish of the 500m road final. We had posted it here along with a link to the video replay but the article quickly disappeared from the USAR’s site. Politically incorrect?  Article at GT Speed  Video replay here
11/11-Sunday, May 1, 2005 is the next Walt Disney World® Inline Marathon and Half Marathon.  Info here
11/10-The Wolverine’s own Tuna (reluctantly known as Amy Ruby’s dad) will be staring in the play “Greater Tuna” at the Howell, MI Opera House on Nov. 20. There will also be a performance at the Roosevelt High School in Wyandotte, MI on Nov. 13 at 8:00pm. This play is rated CD (for cross-dressing). Contact Amy Ruby for ticket info.
11/9-The 1st stage of the 60th Ohio Speed Skating Tour season kicked off last Sunday in Salem, OH. Report at  NEOspeedskating.com  Results at OhioSpeedskatingTour.com  Stage 2 will be held at the brand new Olympic Fun Center in Hermitage Pennsylvania on Dec. 19.
11/8-You must have your USAR Amateur Card for the Wolverine Invitational. Fill one out here.
11/4-Improve your speed. See how here.
10/23-NEW-USA Roller Sports Annual Board of Directors Meeting. Changes in indoor divisions and distances, list herefull report here.
10/6-See what it’s like to skate over 43 mph with Herb Gayle and his friends from The Toronto Inline Skating Club. Report and video here. There is some screaming.
10/1-The Fifth Autumn Classic and South Florida Marathon will be held Nov. 5-7 after the 2004 USARS Banked Track Fall Clinic Information on the Classic here.
10/1-We have linked to the Team Pines Speed Team.
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