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Wolverine Speed Archives Jul. - Sep. 2005
12/31-There were changes to the January Practice Schedule.
12/30-The January Practice Schedule is up.
12/20-Welcome the 2006 Wolverine Wheels for this season.  These skaters have all been skating and working hard to make the transition from beginner speed skater to a U. S. A. Rollersports indoor short track speed skater.  Paige, Matthew, Mike, Geoff, Dirk and Doug are all progressing wonderfully and you will soon be "racing their WHEELS off."  Welcome to The Great Skate, new skaters, home of the Wolverines and "you" the "Wolverine Wheels!" - Pam Corney
Picture here.  Coach Jay with some of the youngest beginners of 2006 here.
12/19-Practice this Thu., Dec. 22 has been canceled.
12/19-We have linked to South Coast Speed Team in Fairhaven, MA.
12/19-The Team party will be Jan. 8.
12/18-We have linked to The inlinespeed.blogspot.com hosted by Michael Stieb. His blog is a collection of links to online news of inline speed skating.
12/16-Kim Derrick  finished third overall at the US short-track Olympic trials qualifying for the US women’s short-track Olympic Team. Kim has practiced with, and competed against the Wolverines many times in the past as an inliner. Kim is one of several inline speed skaters who have qualified for the Winter Olympics to be held in Torino, Italy from Feb. 10-26, 2006.  Picture here.
12-14-Keith Turner paid a visit to last weeks practice and had some fast start tips. Picture here.
12/8-The rest of the December practice schedule is up.
12/8-Because so many team members will be out of town the team holiday party will be held in January.
12/8-We have linked to The DFW Speed Club in Texas.
12/7-The Wolverine's would like to thank the following vendors for their support of the 2nd Annual Motor City Madness Speed Invitational. Custom boots from Mcdaniel Racing, boots from Mogema North America, wheels and more from Hyper, bearings from Ninja and BJ, T-shirts and hats from Rudy Project and TruRev.
12/3-Pam Corney is putting the new Team Roster together. An email was sent to all team members on the Wolverines list with Jay’s request that all team members email Pam their information. If you did not receive the email contact Pam at practice or email your request to be put on the team list to wolverinespeedteam@comcast.net
12/2-The Wolverine’s would like to thank Dan Heid and all the vendors who donated time and prizes for the 2nd Annual Motor City Madness Invitational. Their efforts and generosity helped make this a great event.
11/30-MCM results and pictures are up.
11/28-Pam, Lee, Corky, and I have pictures of the MCM meet starting to go up now. I am busy and have class tomorrow but will start putting the rest of them up starting Wed. night. Pro Elite here.
11/26-2005 Wolverines Motor City Madness results. Pictures soon.
11/26-There is no practice on Friday, Dec. 2.
11/12-The Rolling Warriors Speed Team of NC have a great new website.
11/10-We have linked to Fast Forward Speed at their Kendall Park, NJ location.
11/2-Bob Justice “The voice of in-line speedskating” will be calling the action at the 2nd annual WOLVERINE'S MOTOR CITY MADNESS THANKSGIVING SPEED INVITATIONAL NOV. 24-27, 2005. Like last year we plan on having same day coverage, results, and pictures of all the action posted here.
10/28-The November Practice Schedule is posted.
10/21-Sat. practices will be at the Skatin'Station 7:30-9:45am
10/19-Great job to all WOLVERINE SPEED TEAM MEMBERS throughout the USA. We had several members practicing, training, competing / racing throughout the United States. It seems that EVERYONE participated in a category of the before mentioned at the best of their ability. The weekend went off without a hitch though we had people from one end of the country to the other in all directions, North, South, East and West and there in between.
Special Props...  .   .
    To Nathan Jackson who was at first reluctant to skate his first outdoor event but came home with a WIN / Gold medal from his very first race at his very first outdoor event. Who needs "experience". We all know how Nathan likes to sprint; I see special things happening with his sprint abilities in the near and far future. He also skated well in the long stuff too. It was a smart choice Chuck and Susie in letting him go. I am glad I pushed the issue.
    To Darian O’Neil who always goes beyond the norm to do and attain her best. She skated against girls at the Florida competition that were about my size, one who for some reason bullied her before a race, (a punch to the face). That did not stop her though she did compete and has gained experience and let everyone see how tough she really is. I wonder what will happen when she gets bigger???
    To Justin O’Neil who took a four year vacation from skating and has decided to make his comeback. Justin did a great job in Florida with only a month worth of training. We now know where he is at and what we need to do to get him better/faster/ & stronger. Though I still say Justin you needed to skate the 300meter ;) .  Justin tends to be a bit silent so do not hesitate to just talk to him as he stands there at practice, trust me, you will get him to smile.
    Kelly Gunther and Jessica Smith Skating for their sponsor Hyper, (Though we all know where their hearts are.) They were competing at the Long Beach Marathon in Cali. Team Skating is important at an event like this and Kelly ended up bringing home 2nd place at her first official event after being in a cast and off her skates for about 5 months. Not many people can attain something like this, leave it to Kelly to do the almost impossible. I believe it is called competing with "HEART". I for one believe she needed those five months off to reevaluate what she really wants out of this sport and how she is going to go get it. Remember Kelly......"Everything Happens For A ______". ;)~
    And lastly to those who stayed home in Wisconsin, Grand Rapids, Toledo, Philly, and the Detroit Metro area training to help make themselves and our team one of the best in the Country and the World. Great Job guys in all that you have done and are doing.
    Lastly Heidi Shockley and Jessica Smith are about to go after a dream of making the Olympic Team in Long Track Ice. I am unsure about all the details of this but give them a call, send them an email and let them know you support them. Who knows, your spoken and written word may be the key to pushing them to that level.

This thing we call speed skating is about you guys and you are ALL winners in my eyes.


10/10-Please put Chris Wiers in your prayers. He was wounded in Iraq last week. The doctors have given him good odds for a full recovery. He has requested that we pray for his unit and the families of his buddies. We are all pulling for you Chris.
Speed Skating School
Learn to speed skate...FAST             Now at 4 locations
Rolling Warrior Invitational
Jan. 28 - 30, 2005
Salisbury, NC
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World Inline Cup 2004
     The Wolverine's Theresa Cliff-Ryan skating for the       KIA-Verducci International Team won the 2004 WIC
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2005 World Championships Suzhou, China Aug. 21-Sept. 6

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2005 Wolverine's Motor City Madness 
Speed Invitational
Nov 24-27
Skatin'Station II
Canton, MI
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2004 results and pictures here
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