UPDATED 3/8/02
Name: Amy Ruby

Age/Date of Birth: 21, 6-8-82

Division: Senior Women

Number of years skating: 15

Favorite skating accomplishment: Winning Indoor Nationals my first year competing and breaking 2 records doing it.

What is your skating goal for this year?: My short-term goal is to  finish every drill no matter what; my long-term goal is to make it to my final at Indoor Nationals so I can have my name announced over the loud speakers.

Favorite Competition: Traphee de Tres Pistes in France—it’s a completely different kind of skating over there.

Hobbies (not including skating): Is there time for any after work and classes?

Who do you admire in skating and why: Theresa Cliff still, because I have never seen her give up and she is one of the most down to earth people I have ever met (and she married an Aussie!!)