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Wolverine Speed
Name: Christine Morrison

Age/Date of Birth: 17; 1/29/88

Division: JO Junior

Number of years skating: This is my 3rd year competing

Favorite skating accomplishment: Placing 3rd at my first regional competition

What is your skating goal for this year? To be able to run the new start- WELL, to improve my relays, and place out of JO at nationals (This is my last chance!!)

Favorite Competition: Nationals- the more people and energy, the better!

What do you do when your not skating? Play the flute, forensics (public -speaking), homework (sadly this is what I spend most of my time doing), hang out with my friends and boyfriend

Who do you admire in skating and why: I admire anyone who does not give up no matter how hard drills or competition may be. Skating is just as much a mental sport as a physical one and those skaters who can motivate themselves WILL be successful in one way or another.