UPDATED 3/8/02
Name:  Corky Zaron

Age/Birthday:  55 6/28/1947

Division: Veteran Men

Number of years skating:  I have competed on quads and inlines since 1989

Favorite Competition: My favorite competition: Michigan 400 and Shoreline races, I also have skated Athens to Atlanta with Paul Lomangino twice!!

What does skating do for me: It keeps me healthy and young, I enjoy being around people who are fit and have positive attitudes!

Hobbies (not including skating):  I enjoy auto racing or anything that involves speed! motorcycles, air planes, etc. and working on cars at Swedish Engineering, and spending time with my girlfriend Lisa.

Favorite food:  Three P's, Pasta, Poultry and Pop corn!!  All cooked well done!

Who do you admire in skating and why:  Jilleanne Rookard, I have known her since I started speed skating and have always admired her work ethic.  Paul Lomingino for making me push myself harder than I normally would and for making training fun! And the rest of the Wolverine Speed Team - What an awesome group of skaters.

Favorite Music: We Five, Jay and the Americans, I am stuck in the 60's