UPDATED 3/8/02
Name:  Eva McCrum

Age/Birthday:  43 Years young   2-10-1960

Division:  Master Ladies

Number of years skating:  9

Favorite Competition:  Relays

Hobbies:  Arts & crafts, reading, spinning, swimming and working out

Favorite Food:  Almond Cashew Chicken with peapods, medium hot, from Pi's Thai

Who do you admire in skating and why:  Jeff Doolin, my first coach in quad speed skating, he believed in me until I believed in myself.  Patrick Krieger, my second coach, helped me to enjoy the journey of inline skating. Robb Dunn and Jay Ingram, who are my present coaches for their dedication to the team.  They have helped me strive to become the best skater I can be with the limited time I can devote to skating.  I admire our team and everybody who has helped.  Without these people I could not have gotten as far as I have in skating.

Favorite skating accomplishment:  First place for the 2 Women Senior Relay at JO Nationals.  It was an honor to skate it with Sue Adams.

Favorite Quote:  "When the student is ready the teacher will appear".  I also like the definition of insanity- keep doing the same thing and expecting different results..