UPDATED 3/8/02
NAME: Heidi Shockley (Queenie)

DIVISION: Senior Women

YEARS SPEED SKATING: Since 1995 (8 years)

FAVORITE RACE/EVENT: Downers Grove and Las Vegas

WHAT DOES SPEED SKATING DO FOR YOU? It creates self-discipline, motivation, and most of all the opportunity to bring myself past the limit.  When I do this I know I will succeed!

WHO DO YOU ADMIRE IN SKATING, AND WHY: There are many people I admire in skating who have helped me get to where I am today.  Some of the more important individuals are my coaches Allen Kapugi (Kap), Robb Dunn, and Jay Ingram.  The skaters I admire are Jessica Smith, and Theresa Cliff because they took me under their wings and have helped me realize what kind of dedication it takes to become a champion.  And most of all Kevin Shockley for encouraging me to never give up.  Thank you everyone!!

FAVORITE GROUP/SINGER/MUSIC: All music, but mainly Britney Spears, NYSNC, and Nelly.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE NON-SKATING ACTIVITY?  Downhill skiing, and riding my horses, Flying, and Dancing.