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Wolverine Speed
Name: James N. Ingram III, aka Jay

Age/Date of Birth: 39, 1/26/65

Division: Master Men

Number of years skating: Forever, since 1977.

Favorite skating accomplishment: There are lots of them. Winning Nationals several times, coaching the Wolverines with my mentor Robb Dunn, and coaching the 2000 Junior World Team.

What is your skating goal for this year?: Staying healthy and to hopefully win Nationals again.

Favorite Competition: Las Vegas Invitational

Hobbies (not including skating): Skating, coaching, photography, art work, dancing, running, riding, and working out at the gym.

Who do you admire in skating and why: Robb Dunn, my current coach, and Virgil Dooley because of the program they have created for out team. The tradition that has been established to better a person since the 1960’s through speed skating.