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Wolverine Speed
NAME: Jenny Steketee

DIVISION: Senior Women

YEARS SPEEDSKATING: 19, competitively 9


WHAT DOES SPEEDSKATING DO FOR YOU?  It allows me to be competitive in a sport that I have invested so much time in, and a sport that I love.

WHO DO YOU ADMIRE IN SKATING, AND WHY: BJ Steketee  years and years of hard training and no matter what the outcome of each race he never quit.  Robb Dunn  he taught me what it is that good coaches are made of.  He instilled in me the opportunity and ability to achieve the best as a coach.  He showed me how to bring out the best in skaters and help them achieve their dreams.  He helped me become the coach that I am today.  He is a mentor and a friend who has been there for me when needed.  He assured me and made me feel confident in the decisions that I've had to make as a coach.  I owe him many thanks and much appreciation.  Robb, you're the best!!

FAVORITE GROUP/SINGER/MUSIC: Point of Grace  Great Divide

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE NON-SKATING ACTIVITY?  Taking care of my daughter, Megan Leanne, everyday.  Being a mom is very rewarding!

FAVORITE QUOTE: "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience."