UPDATED 3/8/02
Name:   Lee B. Corney

Age/Birthday: Old (Ugh!) 10/7/54

Division: Over 45 league!  

Number of years skating: Outdoors = 8 yrs, Indoors < 1 yr. 

Favorite Competition: Any and all!  (Simply staying up on my wheels and not killing anybody else!)

Hobbies (not including skating): Snowboarding, Computer Geek Stuff , Digital audio programming (VOIP/DSP/ETC..)
I also teach beginning / intermediate skating at O.C.C. Farmington to adult education program.

Music: Everything But the Girl, most things Techno.

Favorite food: Steamed Vegetables with Teriyaki sauce

Who do you admire in skating and why: I haven't really met a skater I didn't like or enjoy hanging around with.  Lorraine Colasante is a great example to many of the adult skaters, and watching her come back from her broken ankle and keep smiling is very inspirational.  Eddy Matzger is a heck of a skating personality.  

Favorite skating accomplishment: Maine to Philly Skate (Skated 422 Miles in seven days down the east coast for C.O.P.S benefit.)

Favorite quote: Life is fun;  go fast, nap often... dream... awake refreshed.