UPDATED 3/8/02
Name: Loraine (Buckey) Colasanti

Age/Date of Birth: 41, March 20, 1962

Division: Master Women

Number of years skating: 7 years, 3 years Speed.

Favorite skating accomplishment: Taking 1st in 2-lady Master relay with my buddy Scabby in Chicago. She brought out the best in me and I never worked so hard for someone!

What is your skating goal for this year?: To have more fun while competing at meets or even at practice. I get too uptight and it effects my skating negatively. And to believe in myself. My buddy Eva taught me that:) Also, to use the wonderful resource we have right in front of our noses......our "Pros" that are on the team. I've been soliciting their help during drills and they have been wonderful. Thank you Jay, Carmen, Jenny, Amy, Jason, Jess, Terry, and soon to be "Pro", my favorite skater Randy!!!

Favorite Competition: Nationals, because you get to torment your coach and there is nothing he can do about it.

Hobbies (not including skating): Cycling, weight lifting, eating and laughing!

Who do you admire in skating and why: My son Billy. He is my #1 fan and his skate wisdom is beyond his years. My coaches Robb and Jay for putting up with me! My two skating partners in crime, Paulie and Scabby, for listening to my silly stories. The Pragers, for making me their hero. Lisa Symonds for how far she has come, Pam and Eva for pushing me, John, Lee, Ron, and Tuna for letting me abuse them on the floor (it's so F.U.N. especially making bad passes on them and riding them out)!!
And last but not least all the "moms and dads" who skate, because they are the hardest working people on earth.