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Wolverine Speed
Name:  Pam Corney

Age/Date of Birth:  49, 7/11/57

Number of years skating:  Began with taking the beginner classes in late 1996 racing USARS Interclub Meets in 1999 through today.

Favorite Skating Accomplishment:  Gold Medal in the Veteran Lady 2 Mix Relay, 2006 Nationals

What is your skating goal for this year?  To break the new record set last year in the Veteran Lady 2 Mix Relay at the 2007 Nationals with my teammate.

Favorite Competition:  I have the most fun and excitement in the short 500 meter race trying to keep an all out sprint going constantly.  (I always have too much adrenaline going when I race and I don't know how to contain it.) 

Hobbies (not including skating):  I love finding new things to do to cross train for skating (which there is a lot to do to make working out....FUN), taking business classes at Macomb during the evening, traveling and interior decorating/design (specifically with glass from the art deco era).

Who do you admire in skating and why?  "The believers".  I admire both of my coaches, then and now, first Robb Dunn for even taking on a "beginner" at his level and teaching/coaching with extreme patience, allowing a person to develop into a speed skater at their own pace (no matter at what age.)  That was a very personal inspiration for me from the start.  And secondly, Jay Ingram for encouraging and also coaching a very stubborn gal who came back this year to skating and "just wanted to train at least for a year" before even thinking about skating Regionals for "encouraging" me to when I resisted.  They persist if you resist... nicely I might add if you're older because they think you'll come around probably and you know what.....you do! I admire Robb and Jay the most in skating because they believe in what they see in..........you!  The believers ultimately turn out achievers.  Even though you have it in you all along and may not realize it, Robb and Jay are the best in bringing it out of you! 

A very special mention of thanks and with love to my husband, Lee, for his love and support of me in the sport I love.