Name: Robb Dunn

Age/Date of Birth: 44, May 30, 1959

Division: Coach

Number of years skating: A million, it seems like.

Favorite Coaching accomplishment: I think the World Championship Gold Medals won by several of our skaters would rank as the best moments, but honestly, watching any skater of ours at any level achieve their goal is just about as thrilling for me.

What is your Coaching goal for this year?: Bringing more discipline back to the program. Eliminate personal agendas that interfere with the Team Concept.

Favorite Competition: Indoor Nationals…no teamwork in races, but lots of Team Spirit and Energy. The way it should be.

Hobbies (not including skating): University of Michigan football (tailgating and stuff), reading, watching movies, and ripping on Amy Ruby and/or Lyndsey Magnus.

Who do you admire in skating and why: Maybe selfishly, but I’d have to say my own World Team Members Jessica Smith and Theresa Cliff. I’ve got to see all or most of their careers and what obstacles they’ve overcome, witnessing their perseverance, and it’s been a great ride for me. Others would include guys like Terry Palmer, Jay Ingram, Marty Laufer, and Jeff Foster who keep competing at high levels for so long. Obviously, great champions like Derek Parra, Chad Hedrick and Julie Glass have gained great admiration from me also. Also, I have great admiration for so many coaches, namely Renee Hildebrand, Joe Cotter, Gypsy Lucas, and Darlene Kessinger who provide so much enthusiasm for those skaters they coach. And so many others who I’ve witnessed over the years.

UPDATED 3/8/02