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Wolverine Speed
Name: Sarah Barker

Age/Date of Birth: 15, 5/15/89

Division: Sophomore Women

Number of years skating: 6 years

Favorite skating accomplishment: When me, my sister Emily, my best friend Stephanie Sutter, and my friend Jessica Grove placed 2nd in the Freshman Women 4-girl relay at Indoor Nationals.

What is your skating goal for this year?: To get sponsored.

Favorite Competition: The Las Vegas Invitational and all the Roswell, Georgia invitational Meets.

Hobbies (not including skating): Break skating, Track, and Basketball.

Who do you admire in skating and why: I admire all my current and previous coaches for getting me this far. I also admire the whole Derrick family because they are such nice people and they helped me a lot in skating. Lastly, I admire Kevin and Heidi Shockley and Justin Kubecheck for running practices in Wisconsin. Without them we probably wouldn’t be skating this year.