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Wolverine Speed
Name: Theresa Cliff

Age/Birthday: 27  6/19/78

Division: World Class Women

Number of years skating: Competitively for 24 years

Favorite Competition: World Championships

Hobbies (not including skating): Cycling, playing with my dogs, and collecting movies.

Favorite food: Chicken salad...chicken sandwich...well anything chicken I guess.

Who do you admire in skating and why: This hasn't changed from last year, its still Jennifer Rodriguez and Darlene Kessinger.

Favorite skating accomplishment: I've skated to long to pick just one so here are my favorite 5... hehe

1. My first Gold Medal at Worlds in 1994
2. My first Gold on the road for a USA woman in 1994
3. My 18th Gold Medal in 2000 to break the record for most Gold Medals in women's skating.

4. Finally winning the marathon at World's  also my 25th Gold!!

And last but not least number 5  I'M A SPRINTER!!!!! Winning the Bronze Medal in the 500m this year at Worlds.

Favorite quote: Put a little UMPH IN Try.. Then you will have