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Motor City Madness 2004 Individual Results
Fri. Nov. 26, 2004 Results - Standard

Tiny Tot Bays
1Izer, Ethan  Fast Forward Racing

Tiny Tot Girls
1O'Neil Makayla  Wolverine Speed
2Yambor, Sherry Lynn  GT Speed

Primary Boys
1Broomhall, Kaleb  Team Marysville
2Koziara, Brendan  Wolverine Speed
3Koziara, Bradley  Wolverine Speed

Primary Girls
1Barker, Baylee  Wolverine Speed
2Leech, Mackenzie  X-Treme Speed
3Orr, LaTona  High Point

Jevenile Boys
1Smith, Isiahia  Fast Forward Racing
2Vaughn, Jarret  Rolling Warriors
3Ray, Rakim  Fast Forward Racing

Juvenile Girls
1Helman, Kelsey  Fast Forward Racing
2Rodriguez, Cheyenne  Wolverine Speed
3O'Neil, Darian  Wolverine Speed

Elementary Boys
1Leazier, Dylan  Fast Forward Racing
2Cingle, Aaron  Rollerama Rockets
3Jackson, Nathan  Wolverine Speed

Elementary Girls
1Taylor, Tess  Fast Forward Racing
2Fann, Mary  Rolling Warriors
3Hosler, Cortnee  Team United

Freshman Boys
1Shatzer, Andrew  Fast Forward Racing
2Castorina, Christopher  Rolling Wariors
3Goodman, Ryan  Team United

Freshman Girls
1Rogers, Kendra  Fast Forward Racing
2Chappell, Kalyea  Fast Forward Racing
3Wright, Kristen  Rolling Warriors

Sophomore Men
1Pearsall, Kevin  Rolling Warriors
2Carbaugh, Jared  Fast Forward Racing
3Wallace, Steven  Rolling Warriors

Sophomore Ladies
1Horning, Katelyn  Rolling Warriors
2Barker, Emily  Wolverine Speed
3Freeman, Sheena  Team Marysville

Junior Men
1Kauffman, Darren  Frenchtown Speed
2Pearsall, Kevin  Rolling Warriors
3Fredrickson, Josh  Southgate Speed

Junior Ladies
1Gunther, Kelly  Wolverine Speed
2Horning Katelyn  Rolling Warriors
3Wilson, Katie  Rolling Warriors

Senior Men
1Creveling, Christopher  Frenchtown Speed
2Ratliff, Michael  Rolling Warriors
3Creveling, Patrick  Frenchtown Speed

Senior Ladies
1Gunther, Kelly  Wolverine Speed
2Castner, Heather  Frenchtown Speed
3Scott, Alexandra  Rolling Warriors

Classic Men
1Taylor, Christopher  Rolling Warriors
2Hendrick, Charles  Southgate Speed
3Shockley, Kevin  Wolverine Speed

Classic Ladies
1Orr, Tammy  High Point
2Esterline, Lisa  Team Velocity 
Fri. Nov. 26, 2004 Results - Standard

Master Men
1Dillow, Ron  Capital City Racing
2Larson, Jim  Capital City Racing
3Cole, L.R.  Unattached

Master Ladies
1Koziara, Denise Wolverine Speed
2Jackson, Suzie  Wolverine Speed
3Morrison, Traci  Wolverine Speed

Veteran Men

1Cowell, Barry  Frenchtown Speed
2Barber, William  Wolverine Speed
3Heeley, Robert  Elyria Force

Veteran Ladies
1Constanza, Lynn  Wolverine Speed

Grand Veteran Men
1Emerling, Sandy  Wolverine Speed
2Chappell, Chip  Fast Forward Racing

Fri. Nov. 26, 2004 Results - JO

JO Elementary Boys
1Cingle, Aaron  Rollerama Rockets
2Jackson, Nathan  Wolverine Speed
3Izer, Hunter  Fast Forward Racing
4Vaughn, Dillon  Rolling Warriors

JO Elementary Girls
1Leech, Hailey  X-Treme Speed
2Steele, Britney  Team United
3Eastman, Meredith  Team Marysville
4Ward, Jackie  X-Tream Speed

JO Freshman Boys
1Goodman, Ryan  Team United
2Casey, Trevor  Team United
3Castorina, Christopher  Rolling Warriors
4Hubbert, Tyler  Mt Morris

JO Freshman Girls
1Mozingo, Mia  Fast Forward Racing
2Mozingo, Megan  Fast Forward Racing
3Dennis, Ravin  Fast Forward Racing
4Trevino, Anjelica  Team Thunder

JO Sophomore Men
1Wallace, Steven  Rolling Warriors
2Broomhall, Jordon  Team Marysville
3Hubbert, Corey  Mt Morris
4MaCeachen, John  Unattached

JO Sophomore Ladies
1Peche, Heather  Rolling Warriors
2Chambers, Carly  Fast Forward Racing

JO Junior Men
1Anselmi, Anthony  Team Thunder
2Haskett, Randy  Findlay Heat
3Purdy, Kyle  Findlay Heat

JO Junior Ladies
1Morrison, Christine  Wolverine Speed
2Snyder, Amanda  Frenchtown Speed

JO Senior Men
1Reeves, Daniel  Wolverine Speed

JO Senior Ladies
1Vetter, Jessica  Skatetown Speed