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Motor City Madness 2004 Relay Results
Thu. Nov. 25, 2004 Results - 3-Person Relays

Juvenile 3 Boy Relay
1Vaughn, Dillon  Rolling Warriors
  Vaughn, Jarret
  Huffman, Deric
2Koziara, Bradley  Wolverine Speed
  Koziara, Brendan
  Morrison, Maxwell

Juvenile 3 Girl Relay
1Carbaugh, Brooke  Fast Forward Racing
  Helman, Kelsey
  Helman, Kirstin
2Barker, Baylee  Wolverine Speed
  Rodriguez, Cheyenne
  O'Neil, Darian

Freshman 3 Man Relay
1Shatzer, Andrew  Fast Forward Racing
  Leazier, Dylan
  Kendle, Travis
2McLaughlin, Perry  Club Mix
  Goodman, Ryan
  Casey, Trevor

Freshman 3 Lady Relay
1Mozingo, Mia  Fast Forward Racing
  Mozingo, Megan
  Chappell, Kalyea
2Norman, Shaina  Club Mix
  Hosler, Courtney
  Steele, Brittnee
3Wright, Kristen  Rolling Warriors
  Fann, Mary
  Taylor, Alyssa

Freshman 3 Mixed Relay
1Rogers, Kendra
  Leazier, Dylan
  Shatzer, Andrew
2Chappell, Kalyea
  Mozingo, Megan
  Izer, Hunter

Senior 3 Man Relay
1Kauffman, Darren  Frenchtown Speed
  Creveling, Christopher
  Creveling, Patrick
2Scianna, Mike  Wolverine Speed
  Kubichek, Justin
  Drenkhahn, Barry
3Taylor, Chris  Rolling Warriors
  Ingle, Caleb
  Pearsall, Kevin

Senior 3 Lady Relay
1Gunther, Kelly  Wokverine Speed
  Magnus, Lyndsey
  O'Neil, Mandy
2Barker, Sarah  Wolverine Speed
  Ruby, Amy
  Garvin, Nicole
3Bortolon, Marty  Wolverine Speed
  Barker, Emily
  Morrison, Christine

Senior 3 Mixed Relay
1Horning, Katelyn  Rolling Warriors
  Taylor, Christopher
  Pearsall, Kevin
2Creveling, Christopher  Frenchtown Speed
  Kauffman, Darren
  Drenkahn, Elizabeth  Wolverine Speed
3Kubichek, Justin
  Scianna, Mike
  Niester-Bortolon, Marty

Master 3 Lady Relay
1Morrison, Traci  Wolverine Speed
  Jackson, Susan
  Colosanti, Lorraine