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Motor City Madness 2005 Relay Results
Thu. Nov. 24, 2005 Results - 3-Person Relays

Juvenile 3 Boy Relay
1Koziara, Bradley  Wolverine Speed
  Koziara, Brendan
  Broomhall, Kaleb

Juvenile 3 Girl Relay
1Helman, Kelsey  Pick A Partner
  Helman, Kirsten
  Huff, Kenndi
2Cole, Janel  Wolverine Speed
  MacDougal, Lindsey 
  O'Neil, Makayla

Juvenile 3 Mixed Relay
1Ray, Rakim  Fast Forward
  Helman, Kelsey
  Helman, Kirstin
2Cole, Janel  Wolverine Speed
  Koziara, Bradley
  Koziara, Brenden
3Hoehn, Mathew  Pick A Partner
  Broomhall, Kaleb
  Huff, Madison

Freshman 3 Man Relay
1Black, Derek  Fast Forward
  Bowker, Devon
  Leazier, Dylan
2Jones, T.J.  Wolverine Speed
  Smith, Rex
  Jackson, Nathan

Freshman 3 Lady Relay
1Gahan, Casey  Wolverine Speed
  MacDougal, Lauren
  O'Neil, Darian
2Goetz, Kimberly  Pick A Partner
  Yambor, Harmony
  Jones, Brittony

Freshman 3 Mixed Relay
1Goetz, Samantha  Frenchtown Speed
  Goetz, Kimberly
  Mannon, Justin
2Gahan, Casey  Wolverine Speed
  Jackson, Nathan
  Jones, T.J.

Pictures here

Thu. Nov. 24, 2005 Results - 3-Person Relays

Senior 3 Man Relay
1Cheek, Michael  Pick A Partner
  Mantia, Joey
  Larson, Jim
2Kauffman, Darren  Frenchtown Speed
  Creveling, Chris
  Mannon, Ronnie
3Craven, Charlie  Wolverine Speed
  Shockly, Kevin
  Steketee, B.J.

Senior 3 Lady Relay
1Gunther, Kelly  Wokverine Speed
  Steketee, Jenny
  Ruby, Amy
2Salsgiver, Julia  Pick A Partner
  Muse, London
  Guerino, Gianna
3Drenkhahn, Elizabeth  Frenchtown Speed
  Snyder, Brittney
  Snyder, Amanda 
Senior 3 Mixed Relay
1Creveling, Chris  Frenchtown Speed
  Drenkhahn , Elizabeth
  Kauffman, Darren
2Gunther, Kelly  Wolverine Speed
  Craven, Charlie
  Shockly, Kevin
3Mannon, Ronnie  Frenchtown Speed
  Snyder, Amanda

Classic 3 Mixed Relay
1O'Neil, Mandy  Wolverine Speed
  Bell, Brett
  Montecello, Jeremy

Master 3 Man Relay
1Ingram, Jay  Wolverine Speed
  Shockly, Kevin
  Grear, Don
2Morrison, Steve  Wolverine Speed
  Emerling, Sandy
  Newman, Wade
3Corney, Lee  Pick A Partner
  Lyons, Bill
  Larson, Jim

Master 3 Lady Relay
1Symonds, Lisa  Pick a Partner
  Morris, Annie
  Larson, Denise
2Morrison, Traci  Wolverine Speed
  Corney, Pam
  Costanza, Lynn

Master 3 Mixed Relay
1Morrison, Traci  Wolverine Speed
  Shockly, Kevin
  Ingram, Jay
2Morris, Annie  Pick A Partner
  Cowell, Barry
3Larson, Jim  Capital City Racing
  Larson, Denise
  Jackson, Susie