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Wolverine Skater in the Spotlight
The Great Skate Wolverines are proud of all our skaters. Occasionally we will put one in the spotlight with a more in-depth interview.

Full Name:  Janelle Marie Cole
Age: 9
Home Town: Rockford, Michigan
School: Home
Favorite school subject: History
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Favorite color: Red
Fave foods: Pizza and Ice Cream
Fave band: Anything Rock-n-Roll
Fave T.V Show: Americas Funniest Home Videos
Fave: movie: Pirates of the Caribbean I
Fave song: Ballroom Blitz by Sweet
Fave book: Harry Potter series and The Chronicles of Narnia
Fave Super Hero? Why?: Wonder woman, because she is cool & has an invisible plane
Fave sports outside of skating?: Hunting, fishing and roller hockey
Number of years skating: 5
What do you like about skating?: The wind on my face
What do you dislike about skating?: Leaving my friends to go to practice.
You almost did not compete at the National level this year, what did you do from the point of changing your mind till nationals to get prepared both mentally and physically?:  I continued my training program my dad made for me, I watched videos of my competition racing and my dad kept talking to me about the races.
You ended up placing 2nd at Nationals this year in your individual division How does it feel?:  I feel great!  I’m also happy Darian O’neil and I made it to the finals in our relay and won 5th place overall.
Why?:  I am glad that all of the work paid off
What type of training did you do to get prepared for Nationals?: My dad made a training program that started in March which had a lot of off-skate work for my legs, push ups and stomach stuff.  We also ran up hills, did tube starts, ran stairs, jumped rope, and did a lot of outdoor skating with my dad. I also did tons of indoor skating practices coached by Jenny and BJ.  
Your relays, were they harder to skate than the individuals or easier?: The relays were easier to skate because there is a rest between laps and Darian gives a great push. 
Do you see yourself being a National Champion someday?:  YES!
World Champion someday?:  YES!
What about next year?:  I want to skate more outdoor races, especially the Northshore Race in Duluth.
Future skating goals?:  The 2014 Olympics on ice
Life goals?:  I want to become a Veterinarian
Last question, what it going to take to get your brother to skate?:  He said if my parents get him a dirt bike then he will skate.   
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