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Wolverine Skater in the Spotlight
The Great Skate Wolverines are proud of all our skaters. Occasionally we will put one in the spotlight with a more in-depth interview.
Coaches comments (Coach Robb Dunn):

Christine has come a long way in two years. She has increased her competitiveness and really improved her endurance this past year.

Name: Christine Morrison

Age/Division: 16 years old, JO Sophomore Women

Years Speed Skating: 2

What is your greatest achievement in skating?: Skating a meet in Ohio two days after injuring my shins, proving to myself my commitment to the sport.

What motivates you to do well in skating?: My goals, and remembering that I am privileged to be a part of one of the best speed teams in the country and coached by one of the greatest coaches.

What are your short-terms goals in skating?: To work on my relays, starts, and getting my one-lap times less than 10 seconds officially.

What are you long-term goals?: To be recognized as a dedicated skater who is working to keep the Wolverine tradition alive.

What is your favorite competition/meet?: Regionals in 2003

What is your favorite drill?: High-speed passing and one-lap times

What is your least favorite drill?: Umm… probably ladder relays

What would you tell a non-skater is the most fun about skating?: Working towards a goal that seems so far away and then how you feel when you reach it.

How has speed Skating helped you in your everyday life? If so, how?: Skating is always something to look forward to. It keeps me motivated to perform my best and it keeps my spirits high.

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