UPDATED 3/8/02
NameJessica Challis

Age/Division:  17/Junior Ladies

Years Speedskating:  4

What is your greatest achievement in skating:  I have several. Winning the 2 mix final with Seth in Vegas, and at the 2001 Nationals placing 4th in a 2 mix semi (with Big Nate), and winning a 10 lap heat.

What motivates you to do well in skating?  My dreams of being the best skater that I can possibly be.

What are your short-term goals?  To make it to Nationals this year (my first year Standard).

What are your long-term goals?  To make a difference in the skating world, as well as in the lives of my fellow skaters (and teammates).

What is your favorite competition/meet:  Either Vegas or Nationals, because there are always a ton of people. Also because I get to see a lot of my friends that I don't get a chance to see all the time.

What is your favorite Drill?  Butch mills. NOT! I like either warm-up relays, or one lap times the most.

What is your least favorite drill?  Death Relays.

What would you tell a non-skater is the most fun about skating?
I would tell them about how much fun it is doing what you love, while being surrounded by people (your teammates, and for me, mostly my closest friends) that want the same thing you do.  For me, when I roll up to the starting line before a race, no matter how nervous I am, when I hear that 'Wolverine Clap', I know that I have 50+ people that believe in me, behind me all the way. That is one awesome feeling...

What is the least fun? It's kind of discouraging at times when you train really hard for a race that you want to win, and then it just doesn't go your way for one reason or another. Also, if you think that the initial pain of floor burn hurts, you quickly realize that the pain is nothing compared to what you feel once you get in the shower. Oh man that is painful.

What would you say about your skating career so far? I would say that skating definitely isn't the easiest sport. I unfortunately don't have a ton of natural talent, but with hard work and the support of my team, my friends, and my family, I know that I will achieve my goals. Oh, and one more thing..... GO WOLVERINES!!!!!!