UPDATED 3/8/02
The Great Skate Wolverines are proud of all our skaters. Occasionally we will put one in the spotlight with a more in-depth interview.
Coaches comments (Coach Robb Dunn): Paul is a very motivated individual.  You can see his enthusiasm for the  sport in his workouts.  He is always trying to keep everyone's spirits up and is a real "team" guy.  He has come a long way in the past year, and I think he's still improving.  He does not shy away from the tough workouts.  I think he is gradually gaining more self-confidence in his abilities, which should help him continue to become a more polished racer.  It's a real plus to have him on our team.

Name: Paul Lomangino

Age/Division: 34/Classic Men

Years Speed Skating: I have been competing indoors for 2 years.

What is your greatest achievement in skating?: I was 4th in the 2002 JO Nationals for Classic Men

What motivates you to do well in skating?: Great coaching and the support of teammates and friends (really!)

What are your short-term goals in skating?: To get competitive in the Standard Classic category indoors, and to get ready for the Pro Master field outdoor-next year.

With whom do you skate outdoors?: I like to skate with my Wolverine teammates at outdoor practice and at the various parks in the area. In outdoor competition I also like to skate with my teammates from Team SAFE.

What are your long-term goals?: To continue to improve, to help others enjoy skating, to stay happy and healthy.

What is your favorite competition/meet?: My old favorite was Athens-to-Atlanta but my new favorite is the Northshore Marathon.

What is you favorite drill?: Jay  Pace!

What is your least favorite drill?: Repeats!

What would you tell a non-skater is the most fun about skating?: The speed and strategy, the joy of learning something new and applying it.

What is the least fun?: Slippery floors, the occasional poor sport.

What would you say about your skating career so far?: I've found that the more I give (effort, time, etc.) the greater the rewards. (OK, so that's not a big surprise.)

Jessica Challis