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Wolverine Skater in the Spotlight
The Great Skate Wolverines are proud of all our skaters. Occasionally we will put one in the spotlight with a more in-depth interview.
Coaches comments (Coach Robb Dunn):

Traci is the ultimate teammate. She helps keep practices flowing by leading stretches. While extremely competitive she nonetheless supports all her teammates, including those she competes against.

Name: Traci Morrison

Age/Division: 37 years old, Standard Master Ladies

Years Speed Skating: 3rd year

What is your greatest achievement in skating?: Sweeping JO Nationals during my first year on speed skates.

What motivates you to do well in skating?: Knowing that I have not reached my full potential.

What are you short-term goals in skating?: For 2004, to improve my passing skills and starts.

What are you long-term goals?: To gain (and use) “race sense”

What is your favorite competition/meet?: The St. Patrick’s Day Invitational in Rosewell, GA

What is your favorite drill?: Circle drills

What is your least favorite drill?: High-speed passing (but it is good for me)

What would you tell a non-skater is the most fun about skating?: The most fun about skating is having a team to share your ups and downs with.

How has speed Skating helped you in your everyday life? If so, how?: Speed skating increases your drive in and out of the rink. You can think and react faster in just about every thing. It creates wonderful friendships and can strengthen families.

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