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Wolverine's Coaches
Jay Ingram

Jay began skating in 1970 and started skating competitively in 1977 at Riverside arena in Livonia, Michigan at the Roller Rink he basically grew up in. 1983 he joined the Striders of Fenton, Michigan where he was coached by Virgil & Sue Dooley who then moved the team to Riverside in 1984, in those years he skated with National Champions and World Team Members Robb Dunn, Chuck Jackson. Denise and Susie McCloud, Scott Thomas, Lori O'niel, Dawn Thomas, his Sister Dawn Ingram, Lisa Black, Kim Turner, Renee Stone, Mike Mueller, Gary Pain, Ralph Marsack, Jennifer Boshman, and countless others, though in 1984 Chuck started his own team just a few miles away in Canton Michigan, Skatin Station.
Robb took over the Riverside Striders in 1994 where the team had great success in every division possible.  The Strider name was retired in 1988 when Robb moved the team to the Great Skate of Roseville, Michigan where Robb Coached with Roger Bridick for a few years. In those early years of the Wolverine Birth Jay would be one of only four team Captains that the team has had in over 20 years. Jay became assistant coach then later co-coach with Robb Dunn starting back in 1990 but officially in 1991. Jay had known Robb from afar as a mentor / idol and has been with him as a teammate, skater, and coach until Robb's retirement in 2005 spanning almost 30 years or three decades in all.

Jay is still competing today as well as being the head coach of the Wolverines and is the last active Skater from the original Wolverine team from 1988 and or from it's Roots in the Riverside Striders years dating back to the early 80's. There was a short leave to Licoln Nebraska in 2000/2001 where he was USARS National Sport Director though he was still actively involved with the team and coaching not only the team he loved but helped others develope and start a team of their own across the country.
Jay was 2000 Jr World Team Coach where the team captured the highest honors at those championships on the 200 meter track. He was also 1999 USOC/USARS Developmental coach of the year. He has coached Clinics as a volunteer coach then head Coach since 1993 at both the Olympic Training Center, Brian Piccalo Park in Florida and across the country . He is a four time consecutive Classic Men's National Champion and won the Master Men's Championship in 2002 and 2003, with a second placement in 2004 coming back to win again in 2005. In 2007 after a year off from division skating only he won the new established Grand masters division in 2007, that is eight total not including relay wins as well as all the 2nd and 3rd placements.

Ingram states that it is tough coaching and competing but has managed to date to do both pretty well, the hardest parts are "coaching practices and making them hard enough when he is skating them, I feel like they are at times too easy.....", his teammates and the skaters he coach's would beg to differ. Jay states that it is more tiring to just coach a competition than to do both, coach and compete he say's he get energy from competing and that he is more nervous for his skater's than he is for himself.

To date he is training the team pretty intensely to get them on the podium at the 2008 Indoor National Championships. People have been getting sick after drills, complaining, but having fun even if they are giving him dirty looks after practice or a drill. It seems things are on track for a successful Nationals. He is also hard at work himself in and out of the rink (injuries included) hoping he has the opportunity to have his 9th win at a National Title.
Jenny Steketee

Jenny began skating in 1983 at 3 years old but didn't skate competitively until 1994. In 1991 she began taking private speed skating lessons from the rink owner of the Byron Rollercade, now owned by Scott Fannon and renamed Byron Center Fun Spot. In 1992 she joined the Tri-Star Speed team where she was coached by Doug Kraai, Rick Wiers and Dean James.  In 1996 she began traveling to Roseville, MI to practice with the Michigan Wolverines where she was coached by Robb Dunn and Jay Ingram. Jenny is still competing today, in between years of pregnancy with her three daughters Megan, Abigail and Grace.

Jenny began coaching in September of 2000 alongside Doug Kraai, and under the direction of Robb and Jay, after Tri-Star went back to the Tarry Hall Roadrunners and then merged with the Wolverines. In 2002 Jenny and her husband BJ started up another branch of the Wolverines in Milan, IL and that team competed for a few years. In 2004 Jenny moved back to Michigan and started a beginner's team out of The Byron Fun Spot and coached all of the Grand Rapids skaters who would compete on a regional and national level for the Wolverines for coaches Robb and Jay. Jenny has coached competitive cheerleading and gymnastics as well
as speedskating. She has said that she is honored to be a part of such an awesome organization and to have been taught by the Master Yoda himself, Mr. Robb Dunn. In 2006 she received her first of three National Coaches awards as a Wolverine coach. She looks forward to many more successful years working side-by-side with Jay. Jenny loves this sport and has many goals to see fulfilled as a coach of a team that has become a living legacy, The Michigan Wolverines.