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World Inline Cup 2004
The World Inline Cup 2004

Wolverine Speed Team members Theresa Cliff-Ryan and Jessica Smith USA along with Nathalie Barbotin France and Kuck Chae-Yi South Korea are skating for the KIA-Verducci team, with Gary Ryan of Australia the team manager. Gary provides these reports.
Reports from Gary Ryan

WIC Stage 1, Seoul, Korea, 4/11/04

WIC Stage 3, Basel, Switzerland, 5/1/04

WIC Stage 5, Rennes, France, 5/23/04

WIC Stage 6, Biel, Switzerland, 5/29/04

WIC Stage 7, Nice, France, 5/30/04

WIC Stage 8, Sempachersee, Switzerland, 6/12/04

WIC Stage 9, Dijon, France, 6/13/04

WIC Stage 10, Zurich, Switzerland, 6/20/04

WIC Stage 11, Engadin, Switzerland, 6/26/04

SIC Stage 6, Einsiedeln, Switzerland, 7/10/04

SIC Stage 7, Zug, Switzerland, 7/17/04

WIC Stage 13, Saarbrucken, Germany 7/18/04

WIC, SIC, Bern Switzerland, 8/14/04

WIC Duluth, USA, 9/18/04

WIC Berlin, Germany, 9/25/04, Final Comments

World Cup Picture Album